1. Convos – Dark Mode ux product red blue simple ui cards conversations
    Convos – Dark Mode
  2. Convos – Conversation Cards product blue simple ui conversation cards
    Convos – Conversation Cards
  3. Google Chrome UI for Desktop header ui free sketch browser chrome google
    Google Chrome UI for Desktop
  4. Apple Watch Complications transcation money finance fintech complications watch apple
    Apple Watch Complications
  5. N26 for web dark dark-mode transactions dashboard money finance fintech web-app web
    N26 for web
  6. A closer look at the Ring/Silent switch siri redesign silent mute iphone ios
    A closer look at the Ring/Silent switch
  7. Requesting Money theme gradient request card money
    Requesting Money
  8. i love you, k. animation denied k you love
    i love you, k.
  9. Give - Donate Your Time ios shadows donate charity app
    Give - Donate Your Time
  10. Card Animation - Recipes recipes food ux ui animation interaction
    Card Animation - Recipes
  11. Happy Earth Day! stars planet blue illustration day earth
    Happy Earth Day!
  12. Game Concept circle gradient tapping ui game
    Game Concept
  13. Ed Sheeran Albums gif animation orange green blue multiply divide plus gradient sheeran ed music
    Ed Sheeran Albums
  14. Upload Complete! complete gradient tick arrow upload file animation
    Upload Complete!
  15. Späti - Berlin Redesign interaction ios map ui app späti berlin
    Späti - Berlin Redesign
  16. Rosenthaler Platz gradient serif type logo place berlin
    Rosenthaler Platz
  17. @veggiesetgo icon illustration avocado instagram icon
    @veggiesetgo icon
  18. Can't believe I'm posting this! thanks notification debut
    Can't believe I'm posting this!
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