1. Clay Disk Image icon app icon clay crm desktop disk image icon macos prm sketch
    View Clay Disk Image icon
    Clay Disk Image icon
  2. Empty State Animation after effects clay crm empty state empty states ios macos motion design prm ui
    View Empty State Animation
    Empty State Animation
  3. Clay Fall 23 App Icon Collection app icon clay crm ios macos prm sketch skeuomorphism
    View Clay Fall 23 App Icon Collection
    Clay Fall 23 App Icon Collection
  4. Live Text header visual after effects clay crm ios live text motion design prm sketch
    View Live Text header visual
    Live Text header visual
  5. Clay - Settings redesign about after effects appearance clay crm dark mode figma integrations ios macos notifications prm settings sketch ui
    View Clay - Settings redesign
    Clay - Settings redesign
  6. Clay - Nexus Introduction Video after effects ai animation artificial intelligence chatgpt clay crm design final cut flower ios macos motion design nexus openai product hunt sketch ui video windows
    View Clay - Nexus Introduction Video
    Clay - Nexus Introduction Video
  7. Introducing Nexus ai artificial intelligence chatgpt clay crm dark mode design figma flower illustration ios landing page mac macos nexus open ai product hunt sketch windows
    View Introducing Nexus
    Introducing Nexus
  8. Trophy Shelf 3d branding clay graphic design
    View Trophy Shelf
    Trophy Shelf
  9. Designland® clay design designland disney disneyland harbor blvd. illustration marquee sign sketch
    View Designland®
  10. SpreadPositivityToday Teaser adobe after effects ai animation butterfly chatgpt cherry blossom clay crm flower gpt3 motion graphics nintendo note openai petals positivity prm sketch
    View SpreadPositivityToday Teaser
    SpreadPositivityToday Teaser
  11. Golden Kitty Awards awards clay demo video golden kitty product product hunt
    View Golden Kitty Awards
    Golden Kitty Awards
  12. Clay - Introduction Video after effects animation clay contacts crm design final cut interactions introduction ios mac moton design product hunt sketch space ui user interface ux video web
    View Clay - Introduction Video
    Clay - Introduction Video
  13. Clay Product Hunt Launch app clay contacts crm design desktop figma ios iphone launch mac product hunt sketch space ui design
    View Clay Product Hunt Launch
    Clay Product Hunt Launch
  14. The Need for Speed blog clay dashboard illustration ios macos sketch speedometer swift swift ui xcode
    View The Need for Speed
    The Need for Speed
  15. Clay icons clay design icon design icons illustration interface ios macos sketch ui ux
    View Clay icons
    Clay icons
  16. Clay Udo App Icons app icon app icon design beta black clay dark forty ios iphone light orb sketch smiley staging udo vector white
    View Clay Udo App Icons
    Clay Udo App Icons
  17. Clay Staging App icons app icon app icon design beta chip clay debug ios iphone logo sketch staging vector
    View Clay Staging App icons
    Clay Staging App icons
  18. Clay Alternative App Icons app app icon app icon design clay faces illustration ios iphone sketch
    View Clay Alternative App Icons
    Clay Alternative App Icons
  19. Clay Account Interstitial - Animation account animation app clay design flower illustration interstitial ios mac mandala network
    View Clay Account Interstitial - Animation
    Clay Account Interstitial - Animation
  20. Webby Award Winner app award clay design ios productivity statue trophee webby webbyawards winner work
    View Webby Award Winner
    Webby Award Winner
  21. Webby Awards app awards clay design ios productivity vote webbyawards webbys work
    View Webby Awards
    Webby Awards
  22. Clay Downloads Page animation app clay download frontend intel ios m1 mac page qr code testflight web
    View Clay Downloads Page
    Clay Downloads Page
  23. Clay - So Much More clay features sketch webdesign
    View Clay - So Much More
    Clay - So Much More
  24. Clay - The Missing Half clay illustration linkedin sketch website
    View Clay - The Missing Half
    Clay - The Missing Half
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