1. CV — Personal Brand Development art arti branding design graphic design illustration logo minimal simple
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    CV — Personal Brand Development
  2. The Laboratory branding illustration liquid logo science vial vials
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    The Laboratory
  3. Elegance (Unattained) art butterfly drowning ocean surreal water
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    Elegance (Unattained)
  4. Lost Gravity art girl moon surreal
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    Lost Gravity
  5. Abyssal Voyage art jellyfish manipulation water
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    Abyssal Voyage
  6. Enlightenment enlightenment flower lotus manipulation meditate spiritual
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  7. Plant Seeds art cloud garden manipulation plant seed
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    Plant Seeds
  8. P Logo logo minimal p simple
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    P Logo
  9. Earthbound earth flat minimal moon simple space universe
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  10. Cougar animal cat cougar illustration line minimal outline panther puma simple
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  11. Pyramid flat geometry minimal prism pyramid simple triangle
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  12. Psilocybe Cubensis clouds illustration minimal mushroom nature simple vector
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    Psilocybe Cubensis
  13. Floral Symmetry branding design flower logo minimal simple
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    Floral Symmetry
  14. Lotus branding flower identity logo lotus meditate meditation minimal simple spiritual
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  15. N abstract branding design first shot icon iconography identity logo minimal n simple symbol
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