training day

July 14, 2018

featuring denzel washington

an occultivated breakfast

January 04, 2018

telepaths don't eat bacon

raindrop, treetop 🐦

January 21, 2017

i let them birds take a bath, bae

first draft

January 03, 2017

first shot of the year! an ode to analog. @Frank knows how good i am with trimming thangz tho. edit: attached a gnarly color version

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December 11, 2016

staring at some ceiling fans playing with some weeknd colors over the weekend

keep rollin rollin rollin

October 18, 2016

just a quick flip of the other paint roller. also this doubles as an ode to that one limp bizkit song

paint the black hole blacker

October 16, 2016

space is the place!

An Ode to Radio Raheem

September 26, 2016

Rest in peace to Bill Nunn. I got wind of the unfortunate news of his passing as I was working on this piece over the weekend. He was best known for playing as Radio Raheem on "Do The Right Thing" by Spike Lee. A pivotal movie containin...

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