1. Meet The Sluggers graphix illustration chris cam monsters kruk cyclops slugger
    View Meet The Sluggers
    Meet The Sluggers
  2. Wildcat Farms mascot agriculture regenerative permaculture wild grow local calgary kitty cat logo farm wildcat
    View Wildcat Farms
    Wildcat Farms
  3. Bailey Nelson Mural/Riso mountains forest retail mall eyewear bailey nelson wilderness slugger studio canada calgary slugger risograph riso environmental mural
    View Bailey Nelson Mural/Riso
    Bailey Nelson Mural/Riso
  4. GHOSTED character illustration risograph overprint ghostbusters thanks thank you plastic bag ghost
    View GHOSTED
  5. 2020 Calendar stars eye 20 numerals typography new year 2020
    View 2020 Calendar
    2020 Calendar
  6. Rocket Pie rocketship calgary canada alberta canmore geometric futura retro pie pizza branding logo space rocket rocket pie
    View Rocket Pie
    Rocket Pie
  7. DDAP careful now letterpress printmaking splatter blood hand finger dismemberment
    View DDAP
  8. Abduction yyc abduction alien calgary tower calgary
    View Abduction
  9. Astro Cyclist vector illustration cosmic stars bike cyclist astronaut
    View Astro Cyclist
    Astro Cyclist
  10. Company Man 2 branding records company man typography logo
    View Company Man 2
    Company Man 2
  11. Company Man logo music recording records company man
    View Company Man
    Company Man
  12. Sprawl City cityscape the sprawl calgary city illustration canada
    View Sprawl City
    Sprawl City
  13. Schindel Bats overprint illustration sports bat baseball
    View Schindel Bats
    Schindel Bats
  14. Grandmother illustration cut paper overprint colour music synth synthesizer grandmother moog
    View Grandmother
  15. Abduction Glitch space needle tower gif abduction yyc calgary aliens glitch
    View Abduction Glitch
    Abduction Glitch
  16. $$TUFF loop animation commerce gif money
    View $$TUFF
  17. $TUFF animation gif money shop merch commerce stuff
    View $TUFF
  18. 5 Years of Dandy canada calgary screenprinting typography overprint poster craft beer
    View 5 Years of Dandy
    5 Years of Dandy
  19. Abduction Event
    View Abduction Event
    Abduction Event
  20. Mental 01 head drawing illustration mental health
    View Mental 01
    Mental 01
  21. EXTRA Final calgary logo the sprawl newspaper extra
    View EXTRA Final
    EXTRA Final
  22. EXTRA print newspaper
    View EXTRA
  23. Sprawlcast Live sound waves live event podcast news journalism the sprawl calgary
    View Sprawlcast Live
    Sprawlcast Live
  24. Rocket Pie – 03 logo neon sign neon pizza pie rocket
    View Rocket Pie – 03
    Rocket Pie – 03
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