1. Yuri’s Night tee shirt, “First Spaceship”

  2. That’s a Real Good Thing You Did

  3. New Voyager Tee Design Update

  4. Planetary Society Slogan Tee

  5. Apollo Re-entry Detail from an Upcoming New Project

  6. Voyager for T-Shirt Design

  7. Voyager Poster (Lower 1/3 Detail)

  8. Planetary Blocks: Not Just a Prototype Anymore!

  9. Starship Armada Tee Front Side

  10. Starship Armada

  11. Star Trek Poster: The Ships

  12. Planetary Blocks: Scale Side

  13. Planetary Blocks: Mission Side

  14. Planetary Blocks arranged in order off locationoff location.

  15. It’s Tee (Tribute to Monty Python)

  16. SC19 BendMetal Final Framed

  17. The Eagle Has Landed

  18. Bend Metal for Icarus Interstellar

  19. LEM from The Apollo Program

  20. CSM from The Apollo Program

  21. Church of Design & Awesome

  22. weRobot Print Detail #3

  23. weRobot 10th Anniversary Print Key

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