1. Frontloops #6 - Sign up frontloops sign up
    Frontloops #6 - Sign up
  2. Itinerary for Front Loops #5 layout typography boarding itinerary front loops
    Itinerary for Front Loops #5
  3. Album Shopping Cart music shopping cart cart layout typography
    Album Shopping Cart
  4. SVG animation exercise 1 moon icon animation svg
    SVG animation exercise 1
  5. Bachelor of Computer Science website it icon homepage layout singapore management university
    Bachelor of Computer Science
  6. Redesigning Faculty Profiles profile redesign website layout singapore management university
    Redesigning Faculty Profiles
  7. Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Data Governance futuristic technology data governance artificial intelligence ai
    Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Data Governance
  8. Core Curriculum Overview cards layout web design web singapore management university
    Core Curriculum Overview
  9. Library Redesign homepage library layout web singapore management university
    Library Redesign
  10. The Three Pillars layout arrows hover
    The Three Pillars
  11. Cosmetic Tweaks tweaks patterns website
    Cosmetic Tweaks
  12. Executive Development Site redesign homepage higher ed adult learning corporate smu exd executive
    Executive Development Site
  13. Who killed Professor Change? stranger things event invitation suspense detective cluedo
    Who killed Professor Change?
  14. Bachelor of Accountancy website design homepage accountancy smu university
    Bachelor of Accountancy
  15. A+N Wedding Invite Studies geometric floral wedding invitation invitation an wedding monogram
    A+N Wedding Invite Studies
  16. A & N monogram studies logos an wedding monogram
    A & N monogram studies
  17. Bangkok Temple Icon line icon icon bangkok thailand bkk
    Bangkok Temple Icon
  18. Button Up mailer invitation
    Button Up
  19. UX Site ux user experience singapore management university
    UX Site
  20. Alumni App benefits higher ed app singapore management university
    Alumni App
  21. Terrace House (an exercise in visual hierarchy & spacing) minimalist article terrace house spacing skillshare
    Terrace House (an exercise in visual hierarchy & spacing)
  22. Shapes Experiment pastels c4d 3d 3d for designers
    Shapes Experiment
  23. Colorful Wavey Wave gradients c4d 3d for designers 3d
    Colorful Wavey Wave
  24. School of Accountancy at a Glance smu soa slider infographic facts
    School of Accountancy at a Glance
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