1. Beauty Shop call to action split screen splitscreen clean ui simple shop design minimal design minimal shop ecommence ecommerce design cosmetic shop cosmetics beauty product ecommerce shop beauty web design webdesign
    Beauty Shop
  2. Microsoft Experts web design webdesign fluent design system design system modern design visual design ui design how it works steps call to action landing page clean design minimal design design concept microsoft
    Microsoft Experts
  3. Self-service Petrol Station Touchscreen Interface Design touchscreen design touch screen touchscreen fuelling screen fuelling screen gas pump petrol pump self service screen design gas station self service ui design interaction design fuelling interface design petrol station
    Self-service Petrol Station Touchscreen Interface Design
  4. Tereval - Territory Profile Page list ui ui design graphs clean ui project profile territory tags cards ui sidebar tabs search header buttons table map
    Tereval - Territory Profile Page
  5. Tereval - Document Viewer Interface doc interface document viewer tags document keywords filters dark interface clean interface minimal ux ui docs interface documentation
    Tereval - Document Viewer Interface
  6. Tereval - Projects Grid View clean design ui ux sidebar tabs search ui design visual hierarchy grid filters projects
    Tereval - Projects Grid View
  7. Split Bill ui ux ios design checkout process ios app design food app payment billing bill split bill
    Split Bill
  8. Card Settings - Unblocking mobile app card settings banking app credit card app bank app ios app design money app finance app
    Card Settings - Unblocking
  9. UNICRED - Credit Card App ui ux ios app design minimalist app payment app financial app ios app money app bank app banking app credit card app finance app
    UNICRED - Credit Card App
  10. Shipping Dashboard delivery b2b service dashboard design clean design minimal design sidebar menu tables ux design ui design parcels shipping dashboard
    Shipping Dashboard
  11. Pop'n Eat - Food Order Web App ux design ui design web app design food ordering app split bill food app ui minimal app web application design mobile app payment order menu order app food app web app
    Pop'n Eat - Food Order Web App
  12. Tinder for finding roommates web app design web design minimal modern design clean ui sidebar property room interface listing roommates tinder
    Tinder for finding roommates
  13. Freebie - Free Sport & Fitness iOS App Design ios app design clean app modern app sport app fitness app ios design free ios app free sketch freebie free
    Freebie - Free Sport & Fitness iOS App Design
  14. RMG Collections - Homepage Redesign Concept web design visual hierarchy clean minimal concept art menu navigation search homepage museum
    RMG Collections - Homepage Redesign Concept
  15. Freebie - Free Banking/Finance/Money iOS App free app htmlhunters modern app design minimal app flat app finance app ios app bank app banking app free money app free finance app free ios app free bank app free sketch freebie
    Freebie - Free Banking/Finance/Money iOS App
  16. ONETRAK - Client Area clean modern flat minimal client area user area fedex dropdown login form header login profile settings orders delivery service parcels courier parcel delivery orders table user interface user profile account page
    ONETRAK - Client Area
  17. ONETRAK - Send a Parcel fedex cebanas flat modern minimal tracking parcels delivery services payment step parcel details drop off map courier delivery parcel delivery send a parcel
    ONETRAK - Send a Parcel
  18. ONETRAK - Landing Page fedex call to action filters homepage wireframe parcel tracking cebanas delivery landing page landing page header how it works prices search form parcel delivery delivery delivery service
    ONETRAK - Landing Page
  19. Mobile Banking App Concept money app finance app cebanas accounts transfers deposits minimal app design modern app design clean app design welcome screen login screen banking app mobile banking mobile banking app
    Mobile Banking App Concept
  20. E-Commerce Account Page bootstrap visual hierarchy modern clean minimal menu header shop orders account ecommerce
    E-Commerce Account Page
  21. Work in progress - New Photo Theme negative space modern wphunters slider gradients flat minimal typography first screen photography portfolio portfolio photographer photography photo theme
    Work in progress - New Photo Theme
  22. Returns Platform - Homepage v.2 visual hierarchy minimal modern clean design responsive design uxdesign uidesign tracking calltoaction web software returns asos
    Returns Platform - Homepage v.2
  23. Returns Platform - Homepage v.1 gymshark clean modern mobile design responsive full-width e-commerce asos cta landing page homepage returns
    Returns Platform - Homepage v.1
  24. Shipping Dashboard Homepage clean filter search minimal account menu statistic graphs table dashboard delivery shipping
    Shipping Dashboard Homepage
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