1. Daily UI #032 - Crowdfunding Campaign campaign crowdfunding player video dailyui 032 web design ux minimal daily ui ui
    View Daily UI #032 - Crowdfunding Campaign
    Daily UI #032 - Crowdfunding Campaign
  2. DailyUI #031 - File Upload airdrop mac upload gif dailyui animated animation ui daily ui app principle
    View DailyUI #031 - File Upload
    DailyUI #031 - File Upload
  3. DailyUI #030 - Pricing pricing ikea animated animation minimal daily ui principleapp ui principle motion dailyui 030 dailyui
    View DailyUI #030 - Pricing
    DailyUI #030 - Pricing
  4. DailyUI #029 - Map after effect motion locate mars spaceman dailyui 029 map space nasa design animated animation minimal daily ui ui app principle
    View DailyUI #029 - Map
    DailyUI #029 - Map
  5. Daily UI #028 Contact Us 3d drama.app animated ui app principle daily ui minimal animation daily dailyui
    View Daily UI #028 Contact Us
    Daily UI #028 Contact Us
  6. My web score minimal ui personal web movies series score
    View My web score
    My web score
  7. Favorite sites design ui minimal restaurant save app
    View Favorite sites
    Favorite sites
  8. Movieats netflix animated gif animation principle ux ui app delivery
    View Movieats
  9. Movieats ui tv netflix food app ipad movies
    View Movieats
  10. Sendmoney bank app fintech money bank ux minimal ui app
    View Sendmoney
  11. Bank transfer detail ux gif animation minimal ui app principle transfer bank
    View Bank transfer detail
    Bank transfer detail
  12. Sendmoney Process ui animated minimal send money fintech gif money bank animation app principle process
    View Sendmoney Process
    Sendmoney Process
  13. Bank ux gif minimal app money interaction principle bank send money
    View Bank
  14. Daily UI #027 - Dropdown ecommerce numbers web daily ui dropdown
    View Daily UI #027 - Dropdown
    Daily UI #027 - Dropdown
  15. Volume Bar principle apple iphone x ios bar volume
    View Volume Bar
    Volume Bar
  16. Daily UI #026 - Subscribe - #DailyUI subscribe framer principle app zara 026 daily dailyui
    View Daily UI #026 - Subscribe - #DailyUI
    Daily UI #026 - Subscribe - #DailyUI
  17. HBO iPhone X episodes chromecast tv netflix principle iphone x app hbo
    View HBO iPhone X
    HBO iPhone X
  18. My resume: Clean and minimal. typography personal helvetica clean resume minimal
    View My resume: Clean and minimal.
    My resume: Clean and minimal.
  19. Daily UI #025 - TV App chromecast 025 daily ui app hbo tv
    View Daily UI #025 - TV App
    Daily UI #025 - TV App
  20. Daily UI #024 - Boarding Pass - #DailyUI airport map tracking principle ticket boarding pass pass travel boarding ui dailyui
    View Daily UI #024 - Boarding Pass - #DailyUI
    Daily UI #024 - Boarding Pass - #DailyUI
  21. Audiobot interaction principle iphone kokono domotic siri chatbot bot audio
    View Audiobot
  22. Select profile iconography animated principle app domotic profile
    View Select profile
    Select profile
  23. Daily UI #023 - Onboarding ui iphone x oculus sketch 023 daily ui onboarding
    View Daily UI #023 - Onboarding
    Daily UI #023 - Onboarding
  24. Daily UI #022 - Search principle travel app search daily ui
    View Daily UI #022 - Search
    Daily UI #022 - Search
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