1. AI Content Assistant ai capsule chatgpt content dark gpt gpt-3 gpt-4 openai
    View AI Content Assistant
    AI Content Assistant
  2. Customer Stories clean crm dark background marketing saas web design
    View Customer Stories
    Customer Stories
  3. Account Settings abstract icon account settings branding dashboard geometric icon icon iconography illustration ui website
    View Account Settings
    Account Settings
  4. Capsule Brand Refresh brand branding clean logo marketing website
    View Capsule Brand Refresh
    Capsule Brand Refresh
  5. On the go accountant busy illustration line illustration on the go person
    View On the go
    On the go
  6. Customer retention branding customer customer retention design illustration vector
    View Customer retention
    Customer retention
  7. Capsule for Enterprise crm dark enterprise marketing design minimal web design
    View Capsule for Enterprise
    Capsule for Enterprise
  8. Successful team 2d fist bump illustration sales team
    View Successful team
    Successful team
  9. Outlook Add-in add-in add-on addin addon capsule contacts crm fluent form microsoft outlook panel profile
    View Outlook Add-in
    Outlook Add-in
  10. Redesigned Feature Pages animation capsule clean feature page marketing web design
    View Redesigned Feature Pages
    Redesigned Feature Pages
  11. Support Portal Redesign clean minimal modern support support page ui web design webdesign website
    View Support Portal Redesign
    Support Portal Redesign
  12. Small Businesses clean illustration isometric isometric illustration minimal vector
    View Small Businesses
    Small Businesses
  13. CRM illustration crm design drawings flat illustration minimal ui
    View CRM illustration
    CRM illustration
  14. Abstract icons abstract design geometric icon illustration line icon memphis style pattern textures
    View Abstract icons
    Abstract icons
  15. Christmas for remote teams blog christmas gifts globe holidays illustration remote tree xmas
    View Christmas for remote teams
    Christmas for remote teams
  16. Account and Plan Settings account capsule invoice payment plan preferences settings team upgrade upsell users
    View Account and Plan Settings
    Account and Plan Settings
  17. Pipeline animation 3d illustration ui ui animation website
    View Pipeline animation
    Pipeline animation
  18. Textured icons set abstract icon illustration texture ui
    View Textured icons set
    Textured icons set
  19. Build-it-yourself pipeline - Isometric illustration illustration isometric isometric illustration
    View Build-it-yourself pipeline - Isometric illustration
    Build-it-yourself pipeline - Isometric illustration
  20. Data Cruncher - Isometric blog illustration isometric isometric illustration isometry vector illustration
    View Data Cruncher - Isometric blog illustration
    Data Cruncher - Isometric blog illustration
  21. Won Opportunity 🎉 burst capsule confetti delight form opportunity won
    View Won Opportunity 🎉
    Won Opportunity 🎉
  22. Capsule blog design update blog clean design modern web design
    View Capsule blog design update
    Capsule blog design update
  23. Exciting new reports analytics charts crm design opportunities reports sales dashboard ui
    View Exciting new reports
    Exciting new reports
  24. Sales Pipeline Kanban Board cards clean crm kanban minimal pipeline report sales ui user interface ux
    View Sales Pipeline Kanban Board
    Sales Pipeline Kanban Board
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