Planejei - Manual transactions

August 21, 2017

Hello guys, After many user requests, I'd like to share with you the new feature on Planejei, Manual transactions 🎊💰 We're so excited about that and we'll really appreciate your feedback! Planejei app:

Planejei - Category edit flow

August 01, 2017

Hello guy, I'd like to share with you the new category groups on Planejei Planejei app: I hope you like it!

Android Walkthrough

January 29, 2017

Hi folks, I'm working on the Planejei Android version and that's the walkthrough. What do you think about? I will love to read that! 😊 Cheers!

Planejei - Validation screen

October 28, 2016

This is the validation screen of a project that I'm working on. We used emoji rather than numbers, and the results were awesome! You can learn more about the project on my Behance profile, check it out!

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