1. Patient Dashboard - Medic UI

  2. Takeout Cafe - Landing Page Header

  3. Landing Page - Mental Health Solution

  4. Furniture Icon Pack

  5. Commuter Line Solution UI

  6. Card Exploration Design

  7. Fortnite-themed Mobile Banking experience app

  8. App is Under Development illustration

  9. Ticket seller platform landing page

  10. Remote working Illustration

  11. Community Empowerment Website

  12. Coffee App - Payment

  13. Apps Redesign

  14. Favorites and Chat Screens

  15. Contact Us Website UI Design Exploration

  16. Travel to Indonesia Web Landing Page

  17. Teaching Platform Website UI

  18. Form Freebie

  19. Homepage for a Hospital design

  20. Landing Page for To-Do List App

  21. Onboarding Exploration for App

  22. Dribbble Todo List App

  23. Onboarding Design for To-Do List app

  24. To-Do List Onboarding and UI Exploration

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