1. Bristle & Bear sinew brain kansas wiens nomeclature salon hair salon hair bristle bear logo
    View Bristle & Bear
    Bristle & Bear
  2. Logo and Voice for Hopeward sinew wiens brian brain heart path hope foreward health mental counsel bird dove help humans human logo
    View Logo and Voice for Hopeward
    Logo and Voice for Hopeward
  3. Hopeward Materials logo design heart bird head person man humanity hope god spiritual mental health help human counseling logo
    View Hopeward Materials
    Hopeward Materials
  4. Hopeward Counseling heart hope bird release help woman man human counseling
    View Hopeward Counseling
    Hopeward Counseling
  5. Valley Rec Business Cards brain sinew brian wiens v lifestyle healthy human compass fitness community man logo
    View Valley Rec Business Cards
    Valley Rec Business Cards
  6. Warren Drone Solutions quadcopter blue yellow flight symbol brand circle airplane w shoot video technology tech bird drone
    View Warren Drone Solutions
    Warren Drone Solutions
  7. OrangeTheory Packaging sinew wiens brian brain health person head figure man fitness whey rebrand brand yellow botttle protein packaging theory orange
    View OrangeTheory Packaging
    OrangeTheory Packaging
  8. Orange Theory Rebrand sinew brain wiens brian theory up orange arrow health vitruvian man logo strategy brand fitness
    View Orange Theory Rebrand
    Orange Theory Rebrand
  9. Valley Rec sinew brain brian wiens recreation logodesign type guidance direction health fitness community people logo
    View Valley Rec
    Valley Rec
  10. Freedom & Hope hope therapy upward rising sun free freedom newday wings sunshine rising sun dove bird logo
    View Freedom & Hope
    Freedom & Hope
  11. Staying Home is Love blue yellow house logo stay home arm head heart love human house coronavirus corona stayhome
    View Staying Home is Love
    Staying Home is Love
  12. Creativity in Motion one-color creativity circle shadow motion eye eyeball eyes logo
    View Creativity in Motion
    Creativity in Motion
  13. ShippaBox package direction arrow shape geometric box shipping box shipping logo
    View ShippaBox
  14. Brain Sinew kansas wichita wiens symbol mark process casestudy yellow logotype logo head brain
    View Brain Sinew
    Brain Sinew
  15. Lets go! car transport beach surf icon bus volkswagon vw van
    View Lets go!
    Lets go!
  16. Phil's Farm blue gold type logo produce food pig farm
    View Phil's Farm
    Phil's Farm
  17. Mother Elephant teach protection gold mother animal green logo baby elephant
    View Mother Elephant
    Mother Elephant
  18. Central Christian Church Basketball League church wiens c basketball logo
    View Central Christian Church Basketball League
    Central Christian Church Basketball League
  19. CoreNorth Opt1 core circle north c arrow foundation gold finance wealth sun energy direction
    View CoreNorth Opt1
    CoreNorth Opt1
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