1. Visuals 5-16-21 psychedelicart trippy trip fractal geometric psychedelic art psychedelic design shapes texture
    View Visuals 5-16-21
    Visuals 5-16-21
  2. HWSS VEGAS conference design conference vegas las vegas drawings iconography icons illustrations hand made vector branding design christian shapes illustration minimal
  3. Viento Fresco design texture minimal logo design fresco landscape clouds elements air water triangle identity branding illustrated illustration hand made hand drawn logo
    View Viento Fresco
    Viento Fresco
  4. Magic Soulja Bois magic soul ghosts ghost vector illustration minimal
    View Magic Soulja Bois
    Magic Soulja Bois
  5. House Plants poster design minimal print illustration house plants plant plants
    View House Plants poster
    House Plants poster
  6. Always in my Head illustration animation design textures aura psychedelic head animation
    View Always in my Head
    Always in my Head
  7. Note to self no. ? colors textured wash color overthinking new age aura psychedelic textures design texture
    View Note to self no. ?
    Note to self no. ?
  8. growth design texture psychedelic meditation prayer spiral typography type design abstract
    View growth
  9. Take Courage type art fade psychedelic type design aura typeface font typography type
    View Take Courage
    Take Courage
  10. Fair Oaks branding fair oaks fair oak oaks tree logo f logo f tree church identity logo type logo design logos typography logo design branding illustration minimal
    View Fair Oaks branding
    Fair Oaks branding
  11. HERMENEUTICS IN ROMANS heads textures book design christian trippy human head head new age psychedelic book cover design book cover design shapes illustration texture
  12. F - Church branding f logo leaf f logos vector branding design illustration minimal logo design logo
    View F - Church branding
    F - Church branding
  13. FIF logotype livery plane fly f fif flying identity logo design logos branding logo vector design illustration minimal
    View FIF
  14. SSS album art abstract psychedelic fresco ipad art ipadpro design texture illustration
    View SSS
  15. Christmas collateral card design cards christian ornament holiday 1517 advent christmas card vector design texture illustration minimal
    View Christmas collateral
    Christmas collateral
  16. RAGGED - R2 design illustration minimal textures texture rope frayed book art book cover book design ragged book
    View RAGGED - R2
    RAGGED - R2
  17. Ragged Concepts design texture illustration minimal textures book cover design ragged book cover book design
    View Ragged Concepts
    Ragged Concepts
  18. BIERISTESSEN concepts identity hand drawn brewery brewing brew b bb bear beer sketch hand made illustrated design branding illustration minimal
    View BIERISTESSEN concepts
    BIERISTESSEN concepts
  19. CONTACT design new music spacey mystic cosmic textures texture hands space extraterrestrial alien ufo contact album album art music
    View CONTACT
  20. CR - unused glow hands cross gradient psychadelic mystic aurora textures theology book design book book cover design christian illustration texture minimal
    View CR - unused
    CR - unused
  21. In Defense design minimal texture book cover art 1517 theology christian cross defense publishing book cover design book design book cover
    View In Defense
    In Defense
  22. HWSS 2021 christian design texture minimal hwss abstract conference branding
    View HWSS 2021
    HWSS 2021
  23. HWSS NWA ozarks ar arkanasas razorback bike sun illustrator illustrated outdoors conference nwa northwest arkansas branding vector shapes illustration minimal
    View HWSS NWA
  24. Vocation 2 miminal illustrated sketch factory building buildings design vector texture minimal illustration
    View Vocation 2
    Vocation 2
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