1. Transition transition shapes motion graphics animation
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  2. Acceptance ehealth selfreflection reflection acceptance shape animation shape 2d animation animation
    View Acceptance
  3. Ruminating character design emoji angers issues mental health thoughts anger ruminatig
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  4. Functionalities for Animation character design videocall icon set webdesign functionalities ui
    View Functionalities for Animation
    Functionalities for Animation
  5. Workflows poses locate validation explore apply workflow female illustration character character design shapes
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  6. Respond and reply questionmark hello communication design illustration character design communication
    View Respond and reply
    Respond and reply
  7. (No) worries mindfulness thoughts emoji monster illustration character character design mentalhealth worries
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    (No) worries
  8. Antidepressants pills organize male character characterdesign drugs medication selfhelp mental health depression
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  9. Daily life covid19 lockdown hobbies activities cooking photograhy cat characterdesign female character routines daily
    View Daily life
    Daily life
  10. Swimming excercise performance sports water character design character male swimmer swimmingpool swimming
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  11. Support Seeking vs Aftercare character characterdesign girl woman support looking searching location map hiking
    View Support Seeking vs Aftercare
    Support Seeking vs Aftercare
  12. Sun's out, guns out fruit beach adult naked sexy summer summertime banana 2d happy character illustration character design
    View Sun's out, guns out
    Sun's out, guns out
  13. Devil Pattern angry horn character design president evil pattern madness satan devil trump
    View Devil Pattern
    Devil Pattern
  14. Break patterns blackandwhite inclusion inclusivity good times pattern design blm friends cheers drink company beer character character design pattern
    View Break patterns
    Break patterns
  15. Lock(ed)down big giant growing grow woman character corona virus corona lockdown house home
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  16. Thoughts lady thought shapes analyse thoughts girl woman illustration character design character
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  17. Social Support guy girl brush care help man woman character character design
    View Social Support
    Social Support
  18. Daily Goals step goal steps flag character male man character male character design targets goals
    View Daily Goals
    Daily Goals
  19. Where was I wonder think woman illustration girl woman playful livingroom cactus home pet cat character design
    View Where was I
    Where was I
  20. Tea time illustration character character design enjoy chill snack mindfulness mindful break cookie tea
    View Tea time
    Tea time
  21. Loneliness animation after effects isolation animation animation 2d pattern character design
    View Loneliness
  22. Lunchtime lunchbox vegetables eat diet bread health healty food character design sandwich lunch
    View Lunchtime
  23. Muscle Monday blueberries cartooning lift weights sports healthy work out lifestyle strong muscle health apple
    View Muscle Monday
    Muscle Monday
  24. 4 emotions faces emotions expressions animation gif emoji set emoji emoticons emoticon
    View 4 emotions
    4 emotions
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