1. Blog editor explorations photos sans serif monospaced layout typography blog
    Blog editor explorations
  2. Blog Writing — Web App layout mockup minimal animated typography animation figma sketch ux ui
    Blog Writing — Web App
  3. Weekly Planner — Web App principle figma white clean application app web app minimal minimalism animated typography animation sketch ux ui
    Weekly Planner — Web App
  4. Weekly planner exploration planning task grid day week schedule planner app web
    Weekly planner exploration
  5. Vipp - About Modularity [002] architecture interior design interior art direction layout exploration exploration layout minimal minimalism website typography figma sketch ux ui
    Vipp - About Modularity [002]
  6. TalentLyft ATS - Form builder detail form design web app web material design detail ui talentlyft form builder form
    TalentLyft ATS - Form builder detail
  7. TalentLyft - Analytics analytics dashboard analytics chart layout ui design ux design screen ui statistics analytics
    TalentLyft - Analytics
  8. TalentLyft Brand guidelines balloon logo visual identity hiring balloon talentlyft brand identity guidelines branding
    TalentLyft Brand guidelines
  9. TalentLyft landing pages landing page design candidates features product shapes recoleta web app tool hiring landing page
    TalentLyft landing pages
  10. TalentLyft - Convert web app frontend builder website builder page builder software hr tool talentlyft convert
    TalentLyft - Convert
  11. TalentLyft  - Applicant Tracking module material web app jobs tracking employee hiring
    TalentLyft - Applicant Tracking module
  12. TalentLyft —  The Swiss Army Knife of HR software user interface user experience recruitement tool ats hr software identity branding ux ui webdesign app web
    TalentLyft — The Swiss Army Knife of HR software
  13. Mobile-first bank banking app financial clean money banking app finance banking bank app mobile design material ux ui app design
    Mobile-first bank banking app
  14. Mobile-first bank banking app bank clean app design minimal financial banking mobile design ui ux
    Mobile-first bank banking app
  15. Beauty POS — iPad App simple minimal ipad app ipad web startup salon product management ios branding beauty app
    Beauty POS — iPad App
  16. Beauty POS Landing Page landing page design page landing web startup management beauty app
    Beauty POS Landing Page
  17. Beauty POS beauty management salon startup product branding ios app web
    Beauty POS
  18. Bien rebranding
    Bien rebranding
  19. Booking service landing page student intern networking rent roommates booking
    Booking service landing page
  20. Beauty Salon Managment app products employees web ipad analytics schedule hair beauty salon management
    Beauty Salon Managment app
  21. Beauty Salon Managment App beauty salon checkout calendar schedule managment tablet ios ipad
    Beauty Salon Managment App
  22. appcore - Brand Guidelines brand assets book manual identity guidelines brand branding
    appcore - Brand Guidelines
  23. Beauty salon tablet wireframes salon services appointment calendar schedule wireframes ipad tablet app
    Beauty salon tablet wireframes
  24. Fredericia furniture homepage gif prototype transition animation homepage furniture cerebri grid alternative gallery product
    Fredericia furniture homepage
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