1. E-education Mobile App samestudio uiux scroll effect product design player orange educational education digital blue app animation after effects
    View E-education Mobile App
    E-education Mobile App
  2. MING_2020Flyer red white digital figma flyer poster design poster
    View MING_2020Flyer
  3. Highlands Web animation interaction design technology red blackandwhite strategy ux official website agency web
    View Highlands Web
    Highlands Web
  4. Social APP landingpage orange red profile social app interaction ui
    View Social APP
    Social APP
  5. Touch My Vibe -  Portfolio ux black cargo contact portfolio design web  design ui web
    View Touch My Vibe - Portfolio
    Touch My Vibe - Portfolio
  6. Chubby Brush Mini-Program illustration 3d design uiux
    View Chubby Brush Mini-Program
    Chubby Brush Mini-Program
  7. Cradle App infant baby cradle ux design ui
    View Cradle App
    Cradle App
  8. Exhibition poster exhibition binding animation transition web gallery art flinto
    View Exhibition
  9. Artworks Feed artists hover ui interaction animation feed works art web
    View Artworks Feed
    Artworks Feed
  10. Indie Music App ui player new music ing feed app
    View Indie Music App
    Indie Music App
  11. Profile Editing profile edit musical.ly redesign poster colors ux ui
    View Profile Editing
    Profile Editing
  12. Craftsman App - Specimen detail culture chinese ios specimen craftsman interaction animation
    View Craftsman App - Specimen detail
    Craftsman App - Specimen detail
  13. Album Data ux ui star-distribution record album gradient data
    View Album Data
    Album Data
  14. Music Player interaction card wave progress-bar black music-player player music
    View Music Player
    Music Player
  15. ING board - The new homepage of See Music fashion homepage ing see-music player music
    View ING board - The new homepage of See Music
    ING board - The new homepage of See Music
  16. Music Player wave progress-bar pause song cd blackwhite white black music-player player music
    View Music Player
    Music Player
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