1. The Global NFT Summit - NFT Ticket Designs nft art crypto art eth rarible cryptocurrency kokolas non fungible tokens neon 3d animation raffle branding 3d art crypto ticket crypto blockchain event global summit nft ticket ticket nft
    View The Global NFT Summit - NFT Ticket Designs
    The Global NFT Summit - NFT Ticket Designs
  2. Event booking app concept  |  UPTIX login calendar ticket app book now app ui concert search profile tickets rave festival music social ui ux event app booking event mobile app app
    View Event booking app concept | UPTIX
    Event booking app concept | UPTIX
  3. Music creation achievement Badges iconography icon ui illustration success logo design pin badges medals music production xp gamification online learning composition music award badges achivement
    View Music creation achievement Badges
    Music creation achievement Badges
  4. Internal communication guideline badges chat isometric internal comms internal communication consulting hexagon patch typography medals gamification communication icon data icon abstract icon illustration pin badges logo design achievement icon set badge icon
    View Internal communication guideline badges
    Internal communication guideline badges
  5. Robot Wizard Mascot badge character illustration artificial intelligence ai bot flat design security infrastructure automaton wizard hat hexagon logo icon app icon coding developer wizard character illustration mascot bot
    View Robot Wizard Mascot
    Robot Wizard Mascot
  6. Garden Planner concept desktop app nature watering flat plant illustration management app tasks plants interface web design vegetables plants app planting ux design gardening checkmark app planner garden
    View Garden Planner concept
    Garden Planner concept
  7. Spaceboi - 3D character illustration armour landscape jetpack mascot illustration s24 cinema4d astronaut cute 3d render octane render 3d modelling and texturing conceptual art concept character design alien planet c4d space character 3d illustration
    View Spaceboi - 3D character illustration
    Spaceboi - 3D character illustration
  8. The Global NFT Summit - Website Visual cryptocurrency dark mode neon blockchain token summit event website ui eth crypto iridescent branding landing page website nft
    View The Global NFT Summit - Website Visual
    The Global NFT Summit - Website Visual
  9. Independent Film Awards logo custom type type movie projector logo lettering independent identity film reel film typography custom cinema branding brand london awards
    View Independent Film Awards logo
    Independent Film Awards logo
  10. Choro App Design chorus social media music editing collaboration musicians profile voting garageband interface app ux branding ui collaborate instrument musician band coro choro composition
    View Choro App Design
    Choro App Design
  11. Choro App Logo composition choro coro band musicians beat notation sound quaver music theory twist remix minimal branding icon logo musician collaboration music
    View Choro App Logo
    Choro App Logo
  12. Garden Planner task manager plants planting brand green complete check tick checkmark symbol icon branding logo planner management task gardening garden plant leaf
    View Garden Planner
    Garden Planner
  13. Ben Kokolas Logo Update personal identity branding logodesign typography design benkokolas brand identity logotype logo design minimal lettering monogram typography logo personal branding
    View Ben Kokolas Logo Update
    Ben Kokolas Logo Update
  14. COVID Badges icon lettering viruses kokolas icons corona coronavirus vector wash your hands fluorescent health stickers typography illustration social distance virus covid19 badges covid
    View COVID Badges
    COVID Badges
  15. BlokVirtu - Brand futuristic skillshare employer training virtual reality logo design wordmark ui immersive blokvirtu user interface sketchapp mobile app mobile ui app design iridescent branding training vr reality virtual
    View BlokVirtu - Brand
    BlokVirtu - Brand
  16. Jenny Writes Branding - Word Conjurer sparkle hands identity typography branding logo magician spell magic conjurer conjuror word copywriter jenny writes
    View Jenny Writes Branding - Word Conjurer
    Jenny Writes Branding - Word Conjurer
  17. location pin + share icon lettering locations abstract flat logo geometric map mark technology pointer symbol identity location tracker icon branding logo connect network pin location share
    View location pin + share icon
    location pin + share icon
  18. HB / BH Monogram wordmark typography motion designer monogram minimal logotype logo lettermark logo lettermark lettering identity icon hodges h branding brand bh ben hodges ben b
    View HB / BH Monogram
    HB / BH Monogram
  19. Hook and Bait - Fresh Fishmonger Logo logo design restaurant nautical brand identity typography brand minimal monogram wordmark lettermark b h hb bait hook fisherman fish fishmonger fresh logo
    View Hook and Bait - Fresh Fishmonger Logo
    Hook and Bait - Fresh Fishmonger Logo
  20. BH Monogram Logo lettermark logo lettermark motion designer logotype icon wordmark b h bh ben hodges ben hodges lettering identity brand minimal monogram typography branding logo
    View BH Monogram Logo
    BH Monogram Logo
  21. BH Monogram (Initial Exploration 2) lettering brand design brand wordmark logotype logo monogram ben hodges ben branding typography icon mark custom minimal monogram logo bh h b
    View BH Monogram (Initial Exploration 2)
    BH Monogram (Initial Exploration 2)
  22. TRNSFRM App Concept - Explore and article screens [2/2] monogram minimal branding mobile design gradient search brand tiles uiux sketchapp interfface futuristic dark ui dark mode cards ui article explore app design
    View TRNSFRM App Concept - Explore and article screens [2/2]
    TRNSFRM App Concept - Explore and article screens [2/2]
  23. TRNSFRM App Concept - Login and menu screens [1/2] sketchapp login article app design futuristic ui menu design reading list explore notifications dark mode profile interface uiux tiles cards ui dark ui
    View TRNSFRM App Concept - Login and menu screens [1/2]
    TRNSFRM App Concept - Login and menu screens [1/2]
  24. ChromaNota (vibration, C monogram & eye) pulse vibration symbol wave sound monogram logo icon gradient eye c audio
    View ChromaNota (vibration, C monogram & eye)
    ChromaNota (vibration, C monogram & eye)
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