1. Church Website
    Church Website
  2. Health Plus naming logo
    Health Plus
  3. Before and after photo retouching
    Before and after photo retouching
  4. Ben Potter Design & Creative
    Ben Potter Design & Creative
  5. Business Cards
    Business Cards
  6. Breakout 2015 Flyer
    Breakout 2015 Flyer
  7. Technology Gird
    Technology Gird
  8. New Letterpress Business Cards
    New Letterpress Business Cards
  9. Youth Group Flyer flat flyer print
    Youth Group Flyer
  10. The Workspace
    The Workspace
  11. Letterpress Business Cards business-card business cards card letterpress gray orange press paint painted sides new wood cotton paper print design web website twitter email phone icons icon
    Letterpress Business Cards
  12. Ignite Logo logo minimal purple minimalist pink youth
    Ignite Logo
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