1. Sanda Vidmar Jewelry design packaging

  2. Sanda Vidmar branding

  3. Sanda Vidmar website concept

  4. Sanda Vidmar Handmade Jewelry wordmark

  5. My new business card

  6. Branding project: Logo design for a sound design company

  7. Morphosis direction stickers, showing the path

  8. Detail of Inbetween posters

  9. Inbetween exhibition

  10. Redesign of a typeface for a word mark

  11. Dribbble Invites Giveaway

  12. Redesign of a typeface for a wordmark

  13. Brace yourself, the snowmen are coming!

  14. Schloß Hollenegg for Design logo

  15. Unikat big exhibition catalog

  16. Unikat mini exhibition catalog

  17. Typographic Poster Echo

  18. Rok Marguč branding - logo and corporate design

  19. Portfolio

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