1. Schedule redesign concept agenda available calendar card category dailyui date documentation events gap management meeting planning schedule table time timeline ui uxdiary
    View Schedule redesign concept
    Schedule redesign concept
  2. Silk expert pro redesign - main screen cards list ui uidesign uxdiary
    View Silk expert pro redesign - main screen
    Silk expert pro redesign - main screen
  3. Login screen dailyui login login design sign up sign up ui ui uxdiary
    View Login screen
    Login screen
  4. Silk expert pro - app wireframe calendar ux design uxdiary wireframes
    View Silk expert pro - app wireframe
    Silk expert pro - app wireframe
  5. Dashboard design category chart dashboad design label navigation drawer search bar table design tooltip ui ux uxdiary velocity
    View Dashboard design
    Dashboard design
  6. Bouquet sending app added to cart bouquet sending app dailyui selected state ui uidesign ux uxdiary
    View Bouquet sending app
    Bouquet sending app
  7. Gluten free restaurant search cards ui design filter restaurant app ui uichallange uidesign ux uxdiary
    View Gluten free restaurant search
    Gluten free restaurant search
  8. dropdown card dailyui dropdown dropdown menu uidesign uxdiary
    View dropdown
  9. meditation calm design illustration meditation stars uxdiary vector woman zen
    View meditation
  10. Vacation Manager calendar dailyui design managingemployees mobile app design pending requests ui uxdesign uxdiary
    View Vacation Manager
    Vacation Manager
  11. working process design designprocess illustration vector working process
    View working process
    working process
  12. Video Creation Process creation illustration illustrator people illustration plants process vector video
    View Video Creation Process
    Video Creation Process
  13. Blind Dating App card chat chatting app datingapp design iphone messaging uidesign ux ui uxdiary
    View Blind Dating App
    Blind Dating App
  14. UI Card Concept card cards ui dailyui design uidesign uiux uxdiary
    View UI Card Concept
    UI Card Concept
  15. Weather App for UPlabs challange cards ui chart cloud cloudy designprocess forecast ios app temperature trees weather app weather forecast
    View Weather App for UPlabs challange
    Weather App for UPlabs challange
  16. use cases and user needs sketches designprocess inprogress sketches usecase user experience userneeds userstory workflow
    View use cases and user needs sketches
    use cases and user needs sketches
  17. Responsive Mobile mobile responsive design
    View Responsive Mobile
    Responsive Mobile
  18. Dribble Shot responsive webdesign
    View Dribble Shot
    Dribble Shot
  19. onboarding android dailyui illustration onboarding
    View onboarding
  20. calculator calculator dayliui piechart
    View calculator
  21. sign up dayliui guestmode signup
    View sign up
    sign up
  22. Thanks Otto!:) celebrate
    View Thanks Otto!:)
    Thanks Otto!:)
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