1. Website design for a startup called Inkpact

  2. iPhone app design for Fitlink

  3. Style Research for a Cancer Charity website

  4. Checkout page for Inkpact

  5. Notifications for a children's website V2

  6. Notifications for a children's website V1

  7. Website design for a Personal Trainer

  8. Bannahhain - Website Coming Soon for 2017

  9. Having some fun with an expanded colour palette

  10. Rate Card for a Personal Trainer website

  11. UI designs for a peer to peer lending app

  12. Visual Style research

  13. Pricing Table

  14. Wedding Website | Design

  15. Wedding this way!!

  16. Logo Design for a new Fine Dining restaurant

  17. Mark Exploration

  18. Website Design for Ovarian Cancer Charity

  19. Logo design for Food Stylist Francesca

  20. StyleGuide - Typography & Colours

  21. Sitemap for a Charity website

  22. Save The Date - card design

  23. Landing page design for a car lending startup

  24. Initial screens for Carsharing app

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