1. Reusable Components in Design Systems card components design system earth day form green react recycle ui ux
    View Reusable Components in Design Systems
    Reusable Components in Design Systems
  2. Diamond Braces Title Shot daily ui dental care dental clinic smile ui
    View Diamond Braces Title Shot
    Diamond Braces Title Shot
  3. Toggle Availability basketball css js nba toggle toggle button toggle switch ui
    View Toggle Availability
    Toggle Availability
  4. Loading Sequence basketball bouncing ball nba ui
    View Loading Sequence
    Loading Sequence
  5. Ballup Title Intro app design basketball nba ui
    View Ballup Title Intro
    Ballup Title Intro
  6. Freesound App daily ui framer x framerx gradient music music app music player recorder sound soundwave ui
    View Freesound App
    Freesound App
  7. Spotify Music Recommendation album artwork framer framer x music music app prototype spotify ui ui design uiux
    View Spotify Music Recommendation
    Spotify Music Recommendation
  8. Gmail Avatar Interaction avatar design framer framerx gmail prototype ui
    View Gmail Avatar Interaction
    Gmail Avatar Interaction
  9. Chaotic Maps & Framer X framer framer x graphs maps p5js range slider react slider
    View Chaotic Maps & Framer X
    Chaotic Maps & Framer X
  10. Trading Card Profiles basketball bleacher report card data espn nba sports stats trading ui ux
    View Trading Card Profiles
    Trading Card Profiles
  11. Circuit - The Workout Dashboard dashboard fitness organize product ui ui dashboard visualization workout
    View Circuit - The Workout Dashboard
    Circuit - The Workout Dashboard
  12. Profile Page - Devpost Redesign card daily devpost hackathon page profile ui
    View Profile Page - Devpost Redesign
    Profile Page - Devpost Redesign
  13. Try Cardboard - Landing Page cardboard daily ui landing page ui
    View Try Cardboard - Landing Page
    Try Cardboard - Landing Page
  14. Credit Card - Buying Music card checkout credit daily ui ui
    View Credit Card - Buying Music
    Credit Card - Buying Music
  15. Album Artwork album artwork music records vinyl
    View Album Artwork
    Album Artwork
  16. Sign Up Form daily ui signup ui
    View Sign Up Form
    Sign Up Form
  17. Sudo Sandwich illustration sandwich sudo unix
    View Sudo Sandwich
    Sudo Sandwich
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