1. Carolina - Personal Blog ui user interface clean design web magazine ux
    Carolina - Personal Blog
  2. J.K Personal Blog article design web modern blog ui magazine ux
    J.K Personal Blog
  3. Disclosure Mag web minimal user interface clean blog ui ux magazine
    Disclosure Mag
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    Magazine Cover
  8. Typography Exploration No.1 article minimal font editorial magazine type typography
    Typography Exploration No.1
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    W Magazine - Article
  10. One Letter One Song red icon typography color gradient dark ux ui music
    One Letter One Song
  11. W Store  website ux ui store shop interaction fashion ecommerce
    W Store
  12. Christina - Fashion & Lifestyle black white blog envato themeforest wordpress feminine magazine
    Christina - Fashion & Lifestyle
  13. Event Exploration clean creative typography purple music calendar web ui dark event
    Event Exploration
  14. Mixtape playlist ux web layout modern black track mixtape music
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    TWFLD - Photography Theme
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    Noise - Magazine
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  18. Eleven Paris Re-design shop ecommerce fashion simple modern redesign web
    Eleven Paris Re-design
  19. Fuelthemes wordpress theme web case study particle simple agency portfolio
  20. The Voux feminine blog fashion news wp theme magazine
    The Voux
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    Credenza - One Page WP
  22. ArcticMonkeys.com music sound rock grunge minimal shape web design arctic monkeys
  23. I'm freelancer! freelance web design hire available project talent
    I'm freelancer!
  24. Notio portfolio grid clean modern wordpress theme creative agency psd
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