Nukern Logo

June 02, 2014

Hey, Here is the logo of Nukern. Check the enclosed file to see where it comes from. I would love to hear some feedbacks to be able to improve it. Comments, likes and follow are welcome Have a nice day Twitter | Behance | LinkedIn Y...

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Nukern landing page

May 19, 2014

Hello , Here is a preview of the first iteration of the Nukern Landing page. At the moment, it is just a presentation page, as the product is not yet ready. This page is still WIP, logomark is not final, and we wanna do some A-B testing...

Nukern CRM Dashboard

May 01, 2014

Hi guys, Here is Nukern. A new CRM for the web hosting industry. I won't say more here, except than this design was done 7 months ago, but I can finally share it (my google Redesign took inspiration from this one). This is the first i...

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