1. Expanded Color System fintech secondary primary hue swatch palette branding system color
    View Expanded Color System
    Expanded Color System
  2. Updated Welcome Kit fintech branding blue pantone packaging welcome kit envelope print
    View Updated Welcome Kit
    Updated Welcome Kit
  3. Freshly minted debit cards branding impact fintech simple script lettering blue mastercard debit card
    View Freshly minted debit cards
    Freshly minted debit cards
  4. Script script lettering gif branding vector typography animation stroke simple blue
    View Script
  5. Holiday Nice List Badge grid review brands ups target apple winter 2018 social environment sustainability lockup badge holiday christmas vector logo illustration
    View Holiday Nice List Badge
    Holiday Nice List Badge
  6. Move To Green Promotion vector illustration video icons money 2d animation flat simple investment sustainable green promotion animation motion graphics
    View Move To Green Promotion
    Move To Green Promotion
  7. &ATM&ATM& blue illustration circle typogaphy vector stroke simple icon money atm
    View &ATM&ATM&
  8. Hands 2d stroke simple character hands illustration
    View Hands
  9. Make your voice heard protest character 2d gif loop vector simple animation illustration
    View Make your voice heard
    Make your voice heard
  10. Big Banks stroke icon flat 2d stroke line simple red illustration bank
    View Big Banks
    Big Banks
  11. Renewable Energy apple lightbulb turbine looping gif animation simple illustration
    View Renewable Energy
    Renewable Energy
  12. Colin Kaepernick animation texture simple character social justice nike football colin kaepernick illustration
    View Colin Kaepernick
    Colin Kaepernick
  13. Run Cycle rough simple cycle legs loop gif animation run texture illustration
    View Run Cycle
    Run Cycle
  14. Why didn’t the Jack-O-Lantern cross the road? pumpkin holiday gif animation illustration halloween
    View Why didn’t the Jack-O-Lantern cross the road?
    Why didn’t the Jack-O-Lantern cross the road?
  15. Fossil fuels Infographic dioxide carbon co2 auto gasoline petrol petroleum infographic gasstation car gas fossilfuel
    View Fossil fuels Infographic
    Fossil fuels Infographic
  16. Sustainability Impact Map fintech data infographic motion newsletter email usa map illustration animation sustainability
    View Sustainability Impact Map
    Sustainability Impact Map
  17. Visual Communication simple flat icons symbolism iconography 2d geometric
    View Visual Communication
    Visual Communication
  18. Move To Green Badge v1 lockup illustration heart green earth icon badge logo
    View Move To Green Badge v1
    Move To Green Badge v1
  19. Move To Green Badge illustration heart cash money green earth icon badge logo
    View Move To Green Badge
    Move To Green Badge
  20. Support businesses that are doing what’s right money impact storefront stroke illustration spot
    View Support businesses that are doing what’s right
    Support businesses that are doing what’s right
  21. Aspiration Emojis heart icons illustration motion animation emoji
    View Aspiration Emojis
    Aspiration Emojis
  22. Divest sans-serif fintech divest animation icon
    View Divest
  23. gettin' vertical banking animation video vertical
    View gettin' vertical
    gettin' vertical
  24. Aspiration Impact Measurement  design material android finance fintech checking banking bank app sustainability aim aspiration
    View Aspiration Impact Measurement
    Aspiration Impact Measurement
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