1. Farmfolio - Website Re-design fintech vegetables fruits pineapple crops farm ui vector chart design header carousel orange assets investment agriculture responsive design
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    Farmfolio - Website Re-design
  2. La Dona Fruit news recipes corporate fruit brand identity scroll animation header responsive design
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    La Dona Fruit
  3. Offers Listings history select dropdowns input pink responsive financial ui app design timeline filter offer
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    Offers Listings
  4. Investment Type typography design web chart responsive financial choices pink landing page selection donut chart investment
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    Investment Type
  5. Investment Calculator slider revolution line chart typography card footer onboarding gray blue pink slider landing page app chart graph finance calculator investment
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    Investment Calculator
  6. Ag Earnings table buttons filters list finance numbers line chart chart graph icons earnings header web app dashboard illustration typography app responsive design
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    Ag Earnings
  7. Ag Dashboard typography pink purple header ui vector chart responsive ux design investment financial app feeds tabs notifications icon web app illustration dashboard
    View Ag Dashboard
    Ag Dashboard
  8. Chart Settings web app report design app chart options chart settings bar chart popup modal graph chart report
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    Chart Settings
  9. Reporting Tool Dashboard pink design app bar chart column chart cards reports admin theme graph charts dashboard
    View Reporting Tool Dashboard
    Reporting Tool Dashboard
  10. Exopen Login Form web app pattern sign in form login
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    Exopen Login Form
  11. Referral Code character popup illustration code mobile discount code referral code
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    Referral Code
  12. Escrow Web App real estate upload buttons pdf financial dropdown users form tabs documents web app contracts
    View Escrow Web App
    Escrow Web App
  13. Persona Template user journey ux pain points goals user story template persona
    View Persona Template
    Persona Template
  14. P2C Refer To Friends import illustration character contacts android ios mobile friends referral
    View P2C Refer To Friends
    P2C Refer To Friends
  15. Atlavik Candidate it talent colorful candidate job recruitment header
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    Atlavik Candidate
  16. Excel Dashboard finance line chart graph chart report excel dashboard
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    Excel Dashboard
  17. Atlavik landing page profile world job splash page candidate employer recruitment
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  18. Fintech company Homepage diagram colorful bootstrap product responsive graphs chart technology financial fintech homepage
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    Fintech company Homepage
  19. Excel Toolbar flat icons toolbar icons excel
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    Excel Toolbar
  20. P2C -  Onboarding testimonial illustration mobile app product tour walkthrough onbobarding
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    P2C - Onboarding
  21. Send SMS gray green send link landing page testimonial app link sms
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    Send SMS
  22. Social Sign In auth account get started email google twitter facebook login sign in social
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    Social Sign In
  23. Hubrick - Topics steps wizard feed social purple sub categories categories interests mobile topics
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    Hubrick - Topics
  24. Trapeza Login mobile design mobile app sign up sign in register login
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    Trapeza Login
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