1. AsanaWomen branding asana logo branding design
    View AsanaWomen branding
    AsanaWomen branding
  2. Asana Hierarchy Final Frame icon pattern simple geometric chunky color bright paint texture illustration
    View Asana Hierarchy Final Frame
    Asana Hierarchy Final Frame
  3. Asana Project View simplified simplify simple abstraction abstract content design color pattern software design texture ui illustration
    View Asana Project View
    Asana Project View
  4. Project Overview and Brief microinteraction product timeline text editor brief ux ui interaction membership principle animation status milestones attachments overview project project management product management collaboration asana
    View Project Overview and Brief
    Project Overview and Brief
  5. Project creation flow list asana collaboration tasks creation project management project preview interaction microinteraction ui ux kanban board spreadsheet calendar timeline gantt chart animation onboarding
    View Project creation flow
    Project creation flow
  6. Asana Widget for iOS vector animation typography final cut pro motion graphics motion design asana
    View Asana Widget for iOS
    Asana Widget for iOS
  7. Rise | Event Branding asana event design event branding brand identity
    View Rise | Event Branding
    Rise | Event Branding
  8. Show your appreciation in Asana award celebration unicorn narwhal remote work remote work collaboration animation asana recognition appreciation
    View Show your appreciation in Asana
    Show your appreciation in Asana
  9. Join our team after effects black and white motion design typography asana
    View Join our team
    Join our team
  10. World of Asana work task isometric retro asana design line vector illustration
    View World of Asana
    World of Asana
  11. Reducing Digital Distractions files clean up trash declutter digital asana design line vector illustration
    View Reducing Digital Distractions
    Reducing Digital Distractions
  12. Asana Dark Mode for iOS dark theme ios app ios product design ui who turned out the lights dark knight rises dark ui dark mode
    View Asana Dark Mode for iOS
    Asana Dark Mode for iOS
  13. Automation Rules in Asana design ux ui saas project management product launch feature automation asana
    View Automation Rules in Asana
    Automation Rules in Asana
  14. ⚡ Automation — Landing page rules automation type layout landing page asana
    View ⚡ Automation — Landing page
    ⚡ Automation — Landing page
  15. Asana Automation automation animation asana illustration
    View Asana Automation
    Asana Automation
  16. Grid in product Modal ui shapes graphic ae illustration after effects animation
    View Grid in product Modal
    Grid in product Modal
  17. Youtube Concept: Sports ads youtube baseball football soccer cricket sports bright photoshop texture illustration
    View Youtube Concept: Sports
    Youtube Concept: Sports
  18. Youtube Concept: Camping waterfall outdoors mountains camp camping scenes mountain ads youtube asana photoshop paint vintage texture illustration
    View Youtube Concept: Camping
    Youtube Concept: Camping
  19. Youtube Concept: Detective photoshop character design character texture illustration logo asana detective youtube
    View Youtube Concept: Detective
    Youtube Concept: Detective
  20. Adobe MAX drawing blue pink red the creative process creativity blog post adobe max illustration
    View Adobe MAX
    Adobe MAX
  21. Avoid Burnout work fire burnout workload asana line character vector illustration
    View Avoid Burnout
    Avoid Burnout
  22. Cluttered Desk infographic burnout cluttered desk workload design asana line vector illustration
    View Cluttered Desk
    Cluttered Desk
  23. Unbalanced Workloads balance design work burnout character illustration workload asana
    View Unbalanced Workloads
    Unbalanced Workloads
  24. International Women in Engineering Day ladies engineer engineering women character illustration asana
    View International Women in Engineering Day
    International Women in Engineering Day
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