1. Thinker animation character design graphics illustration mograph motion thinker vibes
    View Thinker
  2. Mojo AI Animated Identity ae ai animation assistant automotive circle emotional icons illustration ios logo motion organic ui ux voice
    View Mojo AI Animated Identity
    Mojo AI Animated Identity
  3. Meal plans - Servings selection animation design gif grpahics interaction microinteractions mockup mograph motion ui
    View Meal plans - Servings selection
    Meal plans - Servings selection
  4. Forza Mobile Garage Concept animation cars design forza game gif interaction microsoft mockup ui uxui xbox
    View Forza Mobile Garage Concept
    Forza Mobile Garage Concept
  5. Gestalt - Past work animation card closure continuity gestalt mograph motion motiongraphics ui
    View Gestalt - Past work
    Gestalt - Past work
  6. Splash screen - WIP app design games homescreen mograph motion prototype splashscreen uxui workout
    View Splash screen - WIP
    Splash screen - WIP
  7. P for Popsicle mograph motion p popsicle type typography
    View P for Popsicle
    P for Popsicle
  8. V for 36 days of type illusion kinetic mogrpah motion physics
    View V for 36 days of type
    V for 36 days of type
  9. K for Kinetic 36days kinetic mograph newton physics type
    View K for Kinetic
    K for Kinetic
  10. Revolute- Random Exploration constructivism mograph motion revolve type typography
    View Revolute- Random Exploration
    Revolute- Random Exploration
  11. Vertigo - Hitchcock animation graphics motion movie poster psych
    View Vertigo - Hitchcock
    Vertigo - Hitchcock
  12. Ohh.. Yes! anaglyph mograph quote
    View Ohh.. Yes!
    Ohh.. Yes!
  13. Totoro rains anime characters chennai gif lightning mograph motiongraphics rains totoro
    View Totoro rains
    Totoro rains
  14. Piggy Bank Run animation bank character graphics mograph motion pig piggy run
    View Piggy Bank Run
    Piggy Bank Run
  15. Psych walk animation beat character graphics mograph motion music psychedelic walkcycle
    View Psych walk
    Psych walk
  16. SNIFFY - Identity for a location sharing product app art brand design identity logo pixel sniffy
    View SNIFFY - Identity for a location sharing product
    SNIFFY - Identity for a location sharing product
  17. Vinyl music player animation app interaction mograph motiongraphics music player record skeuomorph ui vinyl
    View Vinyl music player
    Vinyl music player
  18. No internet - Ice cream delivery animation app cream empty girl graphics ice motion state ui ux
    View No internet - Ice cream delivery
    No internet - Ice cream delivery
  19. Onboarding illustrations app borrow explanatory illustration lend money onboarding ui
    View Onboarding illustrations
    Onboarding illustrations
  20. Status Quo 2 animation animography graphics mograph motion typeface typography
    View Status Quo 2
    Status Quo 2
  21. RIP 2016 2016 2017 animation characters gif graphics mograph motion new year
    View RIP 2016
    RIP 2016
  22. KAASU// Logo Animation animation app branding coin flip gif graphics logo mograph motion ui
    View KAASU// Logo Animation
    KAASU// Logo Animation
  23. Holiday Inn architecture buildings colors holiday illustration inn lomo lomography retro
    View Holiday Inn
    Holiday Inn
  24. Kitchenware branding animation branding gif graphics logo mograph motion tradition
    View Kitchenware branding
    Kitchenware branding
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