1. Showreel 2020 element dots jump moves square circle animation 2020 illustration design showreel cute shapes logo motion mograph motion animation elements animation design
    View Showreel 2020
    Showreel 2020
  2. Penang Ferry splash hometown transportation building motion motion animation design animation design illustration island penang malaysia sky cities sea komtar
    View Penang Ferry
    Penang Ferry
  3. Keep Penang Clean malaysia penang nasi lemak char kuey teow curry mee satay cendol kopipeng laksa ice kacang hokkien mee food characterdesign illustration motion animation animation design
    View Keep Penang Clean
    Keep Penang Clean
  4. Isolate Birthday Party homealone blessed party hat birthday party isolate quarantine wishes celebrate videocall candle cake party birthday character design motion characterdesign motion animation animation design illustration
    View Isolate Birthday Party
    Isolate Birthday Party
  5. Chinese New Year 2020 lunar new year lunarnewyear 2020 illustration chinese character chinese new year zodiac year new chinese mouse lion head lion dance lion character motion motion animation animation design
    View Chinese New Year 2020
    Chinese New Year 2020
  6. WildTwerkyDanceOff funny character star christmas tree christmas dance wild turkey wildtwerkydanceoff funny happy motion design motion animation animation design
    View WildTwerkyDanceOff
  7. Mid Autumn aka Fire in the Hole booty hole characterdesign celebrate harvest festival chinese moonfestival cloud childhood midautumn lookup bottom view lantern moon rabbit fire motion animation animation design illustration
    View Mid Autumn aka Fire in the Hole
    Mid Autumn aka Fire in the Hole
  8. Racing Car team blue red racing car racing funny motion animation animation design illustration shape animation fall animation trees mountain shape outdoor camera smoke cars
    View Racing Car
    Racing Car
  9. Morning Routine vector motion illustration wakeup ring daily routine morning alarm clock alarm motion animation design animation design
    View Morning Routine
    Morning Routine
  10. Happy 62 years of Independence loop animation walkcycle cute identity number type malaysia merdeka independenceday love vector motion animation motion happy characterdesign animation design illustration design
    View Happy 62 years of Independence
    Happy 62 years of Independence
  11. Time to work! work sketch pencil case casing sleep wakeup lights off light on light switch lamp pen brush marker pen pencil motion motion animation animation design illustration design
    View Time to work!
    Time to work!
  12. Dining Table motion motion animation illustration design character animation design kids platter bread glass wine leaf gathering family lamp vase dining room dining food characterdesign
    View Dining Table
    Dining Table
  13. Movie Popcorn 2danimation aftereffects avengers endgame gif animated gif motiongraphic girl vr popcorn thor hammer motion motion animation vector design illustration characterdesign character animation design
    View Movie Popcorn
    Movie Popcorn
  14. Fashion Walk mgcollective loop animation animated loop aftereffect rigging rig duik duik bassel walkcycle motiongraphic motion animation 2d motion vector characterdesign character illustration animation design design
    View Fashion Walk
    Fashion Walk
  15. Avatar pantone stripe short hair girl character girl happy bolt branding goal vector love characterdesign character illustration design
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  16. Everything is CHEMICALS chemist chemicals characterdesign liquid motion animation motion scary dead bubble everything skull and crossbones bone typography design illustration vector animation design toxic chemical skull
    View Everything is CHEMICALS
    Everything is CHEMICALS
  17. Cny 2019 animation design illustration cool ear nose pao food red packet sniff piggy pig ribbon shining red gold chinese character chinese culture chinese happy lunar new year
    View Cny 2019
    Cny 2019
  18. Introduction ME! goal shell spotify vector design motion animation fun phone unicorn sketch motion typography logo love branding ice cream illustration animation design happy about me
    View Introduction ME!
    Introduction ME!
  19. Organic Fruit leaf green vegetable fruits characterdesign animation design design happy healthy people floating organic lemon cherry carrot apple plant fruit illustration character
    View Organic Fruit
    Organic Fruit
  20. Conspiracy Character spec space socks glove suspicious evil happy goal vector character design electric yinyang animation design lab walkcycle alien scientist characterdesign illustration
    View Conspiracy Character
    Conspiracy Character
  21. Character Design summer queen hat skate ice cream ninja kungfu classic old futuristic fiction science illustration design color character style dimension stage era
    View Character Design
    Character Design
  22. Couple pink happy sweet hold love goal purple leaves tree plants couple
    View Couple
  23. #MYMASHUPCOKE wau vibrant malaysia kuala lumpur cocacola
  24. Brand Concept Logo branding present love gift purple design logo
    View Brand Concept Logo
    Brand Concept Logo
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