1. Nitta Agency Webflow Preview

  2. Nitta Agency Design Mockups (Webflow Design & Development)

  3. Nitta Agency (Webflow Design & Development)

  4. Preview of discover on webflow

  5. Discover Webflow Landing

  6. Discover Webflow Landing Shots

  7. Discover Wireframes Low-fi

  8. Discover Logo (Final)

  9. Logo Concepts for Discover

  10. Oringa Sign in/Sign Up Screen

  11. Credit card checkout concept

  12. Avocado Animated logo

  13. Calculator UI

  14. Aonnoy Sengupta - Portfolio

  15. BreatheEasy- Prototype

  16. BreatheEasy- Mid Fidelity Wireframes

  17. BreatheEasy- A UX Case Study

  18. Asani- UI Design

  19. Asani- Mid Fidelity Wireframes

  20. Asani- An Ecommerce UX Case Study

  21. A Reason To Change UI Case Study

  22. A Reason To Change UI Design

  23. A Reason To Change- Wireframes

  24. A Reason To Change Logo

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