1. Simple Music Playlist App songs details minimal player cards music unsplash pause play icons ux mobile app ui
    Simple Music Playlist App
  2. CRED 2.0 | Credit scrore dark theme refresh educate bottom sheet stack app mobile horizontal carousel money fintech finance score meter icons cards pie graph tags bar progress credit score
    CRED 2.0 | Credit scrore
  3. CRED 2.0 payment fashion lifestyle finance presentation animation motion device android ios app phone add vertical cards icons bottom navigation home credit card cards
    CRED 2.0
  4. CRED 2.0 | User Profile Redesign info bottomsheet icons transition cred app animation interaction user user experience switch lightmode darkmode card ux ui illustration profile
    CRED 2.0 | User Profile Redesign
  5. CRED 2.0 | Anatomy of a Lifestyle Card aesthetics elegant minimal icons cred finance fitness gym category redesign interaction share cards motion animation app mobile ux ui
    CRED 2.0 | Anatomy of a Lifestyle Card
  6. Sign up Redesign Concept For Myntra ux desktop myntra concept ecommerce fashion imagery ui redesign website social icons log in sign up
    Sign up Redesign Concept For Myntra
  7. Redesigned Product Page for Myntra model dress interaction shopping add to bag redesign clothes search pdp ecommerce product page fashion website aesthetics desktop ux ui
    Redesigned Product Page for Myntra
  8. Redesigned Header and Navigation Menu for Myntra aesthetics elegant spacious dropdown myntra redesign search wishlist cart icons catalogue category header navigation menu top bar desktop ux ui
    Redesigned Header and Navigation Menu for Myntra
  9. Wireframes catalogue content ui ux list rent icon tshirt shirt clothing subscription faq how it works wireframe mobile android pricing plan sections closet wardrobe
  10. Illustrations for Rentomojo Benefits e-commerce bed location email swap ui mobile house bike smartphone icons furniture chair delivery truck free delivery relocation serif cards illustration
    Illustrations for Rentomojo Benefits
  11. Landing Page Header pattern design unsplash desktop web money loan user experience interaction interface security deposit icons cards header landing page real estate housing home finance
    Landing Page Header
  12. Todo app - concept interaction float ui android todo task schedule mobile iphone ios interface gif
    Todo app - concept
  13. Cart interaction for a Food App dribbble checkout add mobile order cart interaction animation ux ui app food
    Cart interaction for a Food App
  14. Grades Dont Matter Pop-up ux popup unlock lock payment interaction mobile android education icon app ui
    Grades Dont Matter Pop-up
  15. Careers Page awe kiss cool emoticon smiley face ios android icon dribbble ux typography jobs careers emoji interaction mobile illustration app ui
    Careers Page
  16. Selfieeee :D selfie smart phone plant hair lady illo motion aftereffects wave wind leaves woman girl animation minimal modern illustration
    Selfieeee :D
  17. Coupon box Animation gift coupon discount animation transition interaction dribbble illustration motion ui ux signup
    Coupon box Animation
  18. Girl Illustration yellow green plant woman lady face hair illo illustration girl
    Girl Illustration
  19. Fitness coach gym icons fitness health photo cta timeline cards ux ui app running
    Fitness coach
  20. Mojo Elite Landing Page product web icons document process club ux ui gradient credit card landing page
    Mojo Elite Landing Page
  21. Progress bar for Readers illustration neat interaction app transition sleek gamify colorful ship article reader progress
    Progress bar for Readers
  22. Upload Documents Illustration verification lady smartphone woman profile girl mobile illustration folder file document upload
    Upload Documents Illustration
  23. Icons for New website refund transfer damage location message chat wallet savings money swap chair icon
    Icons for New website
  24. 2 Dribbble Invites unsplash ui photo draft 2 invite dribbble
    2 Dribbble Invites
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