1. Video Interviews mobile fullscreen hiring ux ui experience design remote interview video
    Video Interviews
  2. Card interactions interaction uxd card typography minimal design fullscreen app animation navigation ui
    Card interactions
  3. Tiny slider navigation minimal typography ui indication animation motion user interface indicator slider
    Tiny slider
  4. Pill Micro-Interaction typography feature release studio ux microinteraction animation ui pill
    Pill Micro-Interaction
  5. 3-dots menu interaction ui app animated parallax invision studio profiles avatars interaction animation menu
    3-dots menu interaction
  6. Workable woohoo parallax workable
  7. Type to Search.. user interface ui pattern motion typography type prototype smooth animation search
    Type to Search..
  8. App look & feel - Photo sharing exploration early prototype capture social animation invision studio sharing photo
    App look & feel - Photo sharing
  9. InVision Studio - Galley gallery layering parallax list invision studio animation concept menu navigation headline animated
    InVision Studio - Galley
  10. InVision Studio - Artist Discography animated headline navigation menu concept animation studio invision list discography artist
    InVision Studio - Artist Discography
  11. Random Letter Generator gif loading loader liquid drop splash after effects motion typography letters animation
    Random Letter Generator
  12. Illustrations - Initial Exploring experiment color face style vector illustration
    Illustrations - Initial Exploring
  13. Discover app minimalistic settings profile listening splash list card music discover glass app interaction
    Discover app
  14. Gallery App Interaction page slider navigation fullscreen animation principle list gallery app interaction
    Gallery App Interaction
  15. Listing Layout city countries animation items list navigation sidebar listing fullscreen layout
    Listing Layout
  16. Type & Grid — Initial experiment typeface font composition layout typography grid type
    Type & Grid — Initial
  17. Personal Portfolio - Loading header ux ui visual design design product design animation loading portfolio
    Personal Portfolio - Loading
  18. Avocarrot Demand Platform - Reporting web app app platform avocarrot dashboard product product design
    Avocarrot Demand Platform - Reporting
  19. Slider Interaction smooth after effects user interface animation ux micro interaction interaction slider
    Slider Interaction
  20. Micro-interaction - Card profile product design accordion collapse expand card animation micro-interaction
    Micro-interaction - Card
  21. Calendar and Timeline minimal white user experience full screen navigation days ui feed timeline calendar app design
    Calendar and Timeline
  22. UTech Light - Music App - [Freebie] freebie favorites filtering media layout app design home screen navigation list player music app
    UTech Light - Music App - [Freebie]
  23. UTech Light - [Freebie] education edtech minimal home splash screen in-app navigation loading ux ui app design animation
    UTech Light - [Freebie]
  24. UTech Light - [Freebie] download freebie app design design pattern payment finance app animation
    UTech Light - [Freebie]
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