1. Bike-Share Rental Complete bicycle confirmation complete receipt shared scooter rental ebike bikeshare bike
    View Bike-Share Rental Complete
    Bike-Share Rental Complete
  2. Nuance Dark Chocolate Bar brand identity branding design logo candy bar dark chocolate candy packaging branding chocolate bar chocolate
    View Nuance Dark Chocolate Bar
    Nuance Dark Chocolate Bar
  3. Charter Branding maps green branding map logo logo map charter
    View Charter Branding
    Charter Branding
  4. Zia's Pizzeria Logotype red pizza lettering logotype
    View Zia's Pizzeria Logotype
    Zia's Pizzeria Logotype
  5. Graphing video stats by day line graph scale week comments likes pink flinto stats statistics video graph
    View Graphing video stats
    Graphing video stats
  6. Stick figure, hard at work. personal logo stick figure strokes stroke red tan brand logo personal figure stick
    View Stick figure, hard at work.
    Stick figure, hard at work.
  7. Floppy Ears dog puppy floppy ear ear animal logo icon mark
    View Floppy Ears
    Floppy Ears
  8. Updated Portfolio Website college mono black dark design website portfolio
    View Updated Portfolio Website
    Updated Portfolio Website
  9. Prix Logo - Brand Lettering animated minimal animation white black design brand lettering prix logo
    View Prix Logo - Brand Lettering
    Prix Logo - Brand Lettering
  10. On/Off Toggle on off pale green red switch toggle off on
    View On/Off Toggle
    On/Off Toggle
  11. User Profile (Animated) soft red following follow red blue prototype animation iphone ios profile flinto
    View User Profile (Animated)
    User Profile (Animated)
  12. Create Event mint green ios app create event mint wood app ios iphone green new event create
    View Create Event
    Create Event
  13. Quick Notes minimal flat red pink tan brown mac web app notetaking notes
    View Quick Notes
    Quick Notes
  14. F Mark 3d blue curve mark logo f
    View F Mark
    F Mark
  15. Travel Tours - Experience the World photography photograph picture experience tourism visit green tours tour travel
    View Travel Tours - Experience the World
    Travel Tours - Experience the World
  16. Chat Menu & Dropdown chat message messaging tan avatar gradient
    View Chat Menu & Dropdown
    Chat Menu & Dropdown
  17. Things to Mention ios iphone clean blue ux
    View Things to Mention
    Things to Mention
  18. Trophy Icon icon trophy blue gold yellow iphone ios app running track run
    View Trophy Icon
    Trophy Icon
  19. Video News as a Chronological Feed video website site tan blue navy brown
    View Video News as a Chronological Feed
    Video News as a Chronological Feed
  20. Time Calculator is Headed to the App Store time calculator blue ios iphone clean app time calculator
    View Time Calculator is Headed to the App Store
    Time Calculator is Headed to the App Store
  21. Calculating Time calculator time iphone ios white grey blue
    View Calculating Time
    Calculating Time
  22. Daily Tasks pale blue light
    View Daily Tasks
    Daily Tasks
  23. Available Times
    View Available Times
    Available Times
  24. Post a Picture post picture green tan soft
    View Post a Picture
    Post a Picture
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