1. Email design for a client

  2. UX and UI design for a microsite

  3. Some UX and UI design for a landing page

  4. Neon Glow '5' Artwork

  5. UX Design for ecommerce

  6. Corporate tradeshow booth design

  7. Banner designs for an exhibition

  8. Some banner designs

  9. Wedding logo mockup

  10. Tattoo salon logo

  11. Enterprise IT monitoring infographic

  12. Infofraphics showing IT monitoring challenges

  13. My portfolio site

  14. A plugins page design

  15. Overmould web design

  16. Polygon shape logo designs

  17. House of Fisher design

  18. Mek Electronics design

  19. Superdry Totech

  20. Saxby Lighting design

  21. Protean Marketing design

  22. Colour theory and CTA design

  23. Web design for Big Bark Creative

  24. UX design and wireframes

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