1. Foodie - Food Delivery app ux ui daily ui foodie food app food delivery app food delivery delivery food
    View Foodie - Food Delivery app
    Foodie - Food Delivery app
  2. Food delivery app food and drink search bar order delivery food delivery app food food delivery food app
    View Food delivery app
    Food delivery app
  3. Pumpkin icon autumn leaves pumpkin autumn vector icon illustration
    View Pumpkin icon
    Pumpkin icon
  4. Wyprawka App Onboarding application app figma onboarding ui animation onboarding screens onboarding
    View Wyprawka App Onboarding
    Wyprawka App Onboarding
  5. E-commerce icon set infographic icon set icons shopping order shipping e-commerce icon illustration
    View E-commerce icon set
    E-commerce icon set
  6. Office laptops monochromatic adobe illustrator work office workspace laptop vector icons icon illustration
    View Office laptops
    Office laptops
  7. The Cat Illustration vector monochromatic cat affinity designer illustration
    View The Cat Illustration
    The Cat Illustration
  8. "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking." design pattern design spring affinity designer tulips flowers pattern flower pattern
    View "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking."
    "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking."
  9. Lingo Cloud Website Concept webdesign cloud xd learning app learn language learning landing page web design website web
    View Lingo Cloud Website Concept
    Lingo Cloud Website Concept
  10. Onboarding screens learning app habit tracker knowledge skill minimalism minimal ui onboarding screens onboarding onboard
    View Onboarding screens
    Onboarding screens
  11. girl with pink hair girl person avatar illustration adobe illustrator minimalist minimal glasses girl with glasses
    View girl with pink hair
    girl with pink hair
  12. Flight finder icon set flight travel icon set vector icons icon adobe illustrator
    View Flight finder icon set
    Flight finder icon set
  13. Omega Bank app branding pincode touch id verification ux finance banking money clean minimal bank card bank ui application app
    View Omega Bank app
    Omega Bank app
  14. Totoro sticker sticker design sticker ghibli totoro icon illustration adobe illustrator
    View Totoro sticker
    Totoro sticker
  15. 90s nostalgia 🎮 illustration adobe illustrator cassette polariod bubbles glasses gameboy iconset icons 90s
    View 90s nostalgia 🎮
    90s nostalgia 🎮
  16. Food icons set milk garlic ramen fish apple carrot corn broccoli honey icecream food vector icons icon illustration adobe illustrator
    View Food icons set
    Food icons set
  17. News | Daily UI #094 ui iphonex iphone app dailyuichallenge daily ui 094 daily ui news feed news app dailyui094 dailyui news
    View News | Daily UI #094
    News | Daily UI #094
  18. FAQ | Daily UI #092 app animation app ui app food app adobe xd frequently asked questions faq dailyuichallenge daily ui 092 dailyui092 dailyui
    View FAQ | Daily UI #092
    FAQ | Daily UI #092
  19. Avatar | Daily UI #088 daily ui icons icon illustration adobe illustrator illustator dailyui 088 daily ui 088 dailyui088 avatars avatar
    View Avatar | Daily UI #088
    Avatar | Daily UI #088
  20. Progress bar | Daily UI #086 daily ui adobe xd dailyui daily-ui-086 daily ui 086 dailyui086
    View Progress bar | Daily UI #086
    Progress bar | Daily UI #086
  21. Badge | Daily UI #084 badge logo badge design accomplishment badges illustration adobe illustrator dailyui icon icons daily ui 084 dailyui084 badge
    View Badge | Daily UI #084
    Badge | Daily UI #084
  22. Status update | Daily UI #081 dailyui status update status dailyui081 share social form daily ui 081 daily ui
    View Status update | Daily UI #081
    Status update | Daily UI #081
  23. Date Picker | Daily UI #080 datepicker daily ui 080 dailyui080 daily ui dailyui
    View Date Picker | Daily UI #080
    Date Picker | Daily UI #080
  24. Flight Search | Daily UI #068 dailyui068 flight search flight search daily ui 068 daily ui dailyui
    View Flight Search | Daily UI #068
    Flight Search | Daily UI #068
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