Desktop Analysis

December 14, 2020

I've been tracking my days for a little over two months now, and it's high time I start exploring real analysis tooling. This is my first draft of that. My first pass will let me simply map the data out by day, and focus on specific cat...

The Log

November 03, 2020

I've been tracking every minute of my day for the past month. To help facilitate data entry for that project, I'm working on a simple mobile app. This is the log, which is effectively just a list of records. Each record has a subtle cat...

And again

June 19, 2018

Another stab at my time journaling app. The original mechanism of tracking was a Moleskine notebook. The notebook was ridiculously simple—to add an entry, I would just write in a time, and write in the text, with a new page for each day....


May 30, 2018

Experimenting with a gradient background, shifting based on context, to give Gel a little extra flavor.

Gel update

May 28, 2018

Gel is a time tracking web app I started work on while I was in Santa Cruz. It stalled, and I got back into wildly misusing time, so I'm restarting the project. Time journaling is an awesome way to stay in touch with where the most prec...


August 31, 2017

Some shots of Gel—a personal time use analysis tool I'm building. Design in Figma.