1. Yahoo Redesign alex banaga yahoo redesign icons website clean stats chat weather news posts
    View Yahoo Redesign
    Yahoo Redesign
  2. Full Onboarding Flow credit limit credit card cards teal blue instructions how to onboarding screen app design icons web app app walkthrough step by step welcome onboarding
    View Full Onboarding Flow
    Full Onboarding Flow
  3. IntraBot slack robot pink purple chat communication design end front bot
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  4. Campaign Flow drop drag color icon white flow marketing email
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    Campaign Flow
  5. crm.me full site page landing blue clean light icons pricing tour computer site graph website
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    crm.me full site
  6. Karat Landing and Product - (Preview) influencers influencer credit card payment creditcard party fun pretty color testimonial review bank account color select bottle soda credit card webdesign on boarding web landing page
    View Karat Landing and Product - (Preview)
    Karat Landing and Product - (Preview)
  7. Email Funnel clean module marketing sidebar dashboard email flow
    View Email Funnel
    Email Funnel
  8. Vr Conference layout schedule minimal white red bold team reality virtual conference
    View Vr Conference
    Vr Conference
  9. Qulture Rocks Blog Detail Page qr design ui interface content promote details page website blog landing page qulture rocks
    View Qulture Rocks Blog Detail Page
    Qulture Rocks Blog Detail Page
  10. DoNotPay Robo Revenge Homepage for Web product web app how it works generate pink purple lawyer sue details map location emptystate steps creditcard card robo
    View DoNotPay Robo Revenge Homepage for Web
    DoNotPay Robo Revenge Homepage for Web
  11. Facebook Messenger Redesign dark mode light mode linkedin photos team message ui message app people gif light dark app web messanger redesign facebook
    View Facebook Messenger Redesign
    Facebook Messenger Redesign
  12. Employee Scheduling and Attendance Applocation time numbers attendance scheduling number stats dashboard
    View Employee Scheduling and Attendance Applocation
    Employee Scheduling and Attendance Applocation
  13. Paraiso Resort form book menu simple website webdesign concept hotel resort
    View Paraiso Resort
    Paraiso Resort
  14. Airtable Redesign sidebar calendar logos testimonial redesign website product platform spreadsheet airtable product design gallery notion
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    Airtable Redesign
  15. Karat - Homepage tiktok testimonials patterns twitch instagram post instagram confetti landing page alex banaga karat playful party colors influencer card
    View Karat - Homepage
    Karat - Homepage
  16. Yeezys white clean website ui store adidas nike west kanye yeezy
    View Yeezys
  17. Light Home and Team page light homepage light testimonial company page childrens illustration children childhood white clean landing pages homepage design team page landing page safey
    View Light Home and Team page
    Light Home and Team page
  18. IRL Calendar Exploration time dates timeline cover place online event join year invite users timeline design timeline calendar 2021 calendar ui calendar app calendar
    View IRL Calendar Exploration
    IRL Calendar Exploration
  19. IRL Discover - Preview web design tiktok social networks social network social media user profile profile golden state pinterest ui design search blue pink bright rainbow web social ui
    View IRL Discover - Preview
    IRL Discover - Preview
  20. Giftagram - Corporate Page gift card gift box pens online business online order uiux landing page ui ordering landing page clean layout ecommerce app ecommerce christmas card christmas gifting gift
    View Giftagram - Corporate Page
    Giftagram - Corporate Page
  21. DoNotPay Template Portal for Web docs web web product agreements products health insurance 401k corporate wills insurance car alexbanaga donotpay template
    View DoNotPay Template Portal for Web
    DoNotPay Template Portal for Web
  22. Cyber Security Website clean simple features site dark cyber gif animation security web
    View Cyber Security Website
    Cyber Security Website
  23. Karat - Full Case Study color ui landing page credit card checkout wells fargo amex rewards testimonial karat alex banaga mobile design onboarding flow onboarding fun branding credit card payment credit card credit
    View Karat - Full Case Study
    Karat - Full Case Study
  24. Market Street Jeans - Homepage Concept 01 jeans pattern design clothing website website design website testimonial clothing brand colors instagram market street pants clothing branding
    View Market Street Jeans - Homepage Concept 01
    Market Street Jeans - Homepage Concept 01
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