1. Bright Idea block weather mind wall creative sky clouds window shine bulb light idea
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    Bright Idea
  2. Badge of Resistance justice logo fight emblem pride law sheriff army police riots government oppression fist protest resistance badge
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    Badge of Resistance
  3. Involvert audio education speaker parent music hug sound waves rays logo reveal animation school care child
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  4. Pixel Ninja toy figure lego mask secret sensei tech food app stealth it box square cube martial art martial karate ninja
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    Pixel Ninja
  5. Gorilla Crossfit health power protein muscle iron wellness dumbell fitness gym weightlifting weight crossfit jungle primate animal monkey gorilla
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    Gorilla Crossfit
  6. Beer City food town club cloud skyline city hops pub bar brewery brew shop drink craft beer
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    Beer City
  7. file2cast library android app icon software webapp note sound wave signal feed podcast audio read book
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  8. Penguin bird cute walk winter ice animal penguin
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  9. Standup Magician poker music sing microphone joker magic trick casino gamble cards spade comedy
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    Standup Magician
  10. Campfire forest wood pixel digital outdoor camp burn flame fire
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  11. FruitBox storage box lemon drink delivery nature orange fresh juice health food fruit
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  12. Discount Ninja sell customer buy store mall karate martial market shop price ninja
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    Discount Ninja
  13. Butterfly flower insect moth bird wings fly butterfly
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  14. Turtle wheel slow beach shield shell tortoise sea animal turtle
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  15. Stork map pin location skyline minimal sky water beak flamingo wings fly bird stork
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  16. Swan minimal location map pin swim water lake duck bird animal swan
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  17. Penchucks martial art karate chain artist sketch draw pencil ninja nunchucks
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  18. Noodles takeout bowl chopstick sauce soup italian pasta asian food noodles
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  19. Electro Panda speed flash electric thunder bamboo forest animal panda bear panda
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    Electro Panda
  20. Hearts of Gold shop commerce product hands charity health support love heart
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    Hearts of Gold
  21. Rock'n'Roll radio audio band rock and roll riff fist metal horns hand note play music rock
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  22. Food Tracker delivery cloche menu bell track search location pin maps bar restaurant snack dinner lunch meal food
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    Food Tracker
  23. Fresh & Fit nature nutrition gym weight fitness health wellness leaf
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    Fresh & Fit
  24. Wine Fort restaurant tower castle fortress bar bottle drink wine
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    Wine Fort
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