1. Video Player dailyui day57 playback player sketch video video player
    View Video Player
    Video Player
  2. Breadcrumbs breadcrumbs dailyui day56 sketch
    View Breadcrumbs
  3. Icon Set dailyui day55 icon icon set sketch
    View Icon Set
    Icon Set
  4. Confirmation Modal/ Popup confirmation dailyui day54 modal popup sketch
    View Confirmation Modal/ Popup
    Confirmation Modal/ Popup
  5. Header Navigation animation dailyui day53 header navigation menu principle sketch
    View Header Navigation
    Header Navigation
  6. Logo Design for DailyUI dailyui day52 logo logo design sketch
    View Logo Design for DailyUI
    Logo Design for DailyUI
  7. Press Page dailyui day51 illustration mockup press press coverage press kit press page sketch
    View Press Page
    Press Page
  8. Job Listings iOS App dailyui data day50 illustration ios ios app job job listing mockup rows sketch tableview
    View Job Listings iOS App
    Job Listings iOS App
  9. Notifications dailyui day49 illustration notifications sketch
    View Notifications
  10. Coming Soon Screen coming soon countdown dailyui day48 illustration launching soon sketch timer
    View Coming Soon Screen
    Coming Soon Screen
  11. Dribbble Activity Feed for iOS activity dailyui day47 dribbble ios mockup sketch
    View Dribbble Activity Feed for iOS
    Dribbble Activity Feed for iOS
  12. Invoice dailyui day46 illustration invoice sketch
    View Invoice
  13. Info Card for Cities boston card cards cities dailyui day45 illustration info info card sketch
    View Info Card for Cities
    Info Card for Cities
  14. Favorites website dailyui day44 favorites illustration imdb movies sketch website
    View Favorites website
    Favorites website
  15. Menu for Food/ Beverage beverage dailyui day43 drink food food menu illustration menu mockup restaurant sketch
    View Menu for Food/ Beverage
    Menu for Food/ Beverage
  16. To Do List iOS App dailyui day42 ios list mockup sketch to do todo
    View To Do List iOS App
    To Do List iOS App
  17. Workout Tracker iOS App app dailyui day41 exercise ios mockup sketch stats tracker workout
    View Workout Tracker iOS App
    Workout Tracker iOS App
  18. Recipe Modal/ Popup card dailyui day40 illustration modal popup recipe sketch
    View Recipe Modal/ Popup
    Recipe Modal/ Popup
  19. Testimonials card card dailyui day39 illustration quote sketch testimonials
    View Testimonials card
    Testimonials card
  20. Calendar iOS App apple calendar dailyui day38 illustration ios mockup sketch
    View Calendar iOS App
    Calendar iOS App
  21. Weather app for iOS dailyui day37 illustration minimalist mockup sketch weather
    View Weather app for iOS
    Weather app for iOS
  22. Special Offer Modal dailyui day36 illustration retail sale sketch special offer watch wrist watch
    View Special Offer Modal
    Special Offer Modal
  23. Blog Post iOS App blog blog post dailyui day35 essay header ios paragraph post sketch text title
    View Blog Post iOS App
    Blog Post iOS App
  24. Car Interface car car dashboard car interface dailyui day34 illustration navigation sketch vehicle
    View Car Interface
    Car Interface
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