1. Sanbase Insights - santiment.net interface design analytics marketing featured comments likes article bitcoin minimal web platform saas widgets metrics interface cryptocurrency crypto insights insight blog
    View Sanbase Insights - santiment.net
    Sanbase Insights - santiment.net
  2. Sanbase - app.santiment.net market tags bitcoin analytics app details page overview platform interface sidebar metrics charts cryptocurrency crypto data analytics dashboard
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    Sanbase - app.santiment.net
  3. Bubble.is - Redesign & Rethinking Concept (details) drag and drop dashboard editor dark theme dark ui ui design case study webflow bubble properties sidebar interface black  white redesign concept web design web app ux design creator builder
    View Bubble.is - Redesign & Rethinking Concept (details)
    Bubble.is - Redesign & Rethinking Concept (details)
  4. Uzers System WIP (Preview) figma interface brand identity brand web app ui design style guide styleguide typography table form inputs buttons blue color palette design system ui kit
    View Uzers System WIP (Preview)
    Uzers System WIP (Preview)
  5. Bubble.is - Redesign & Rethinking Concept builder creator ux design web app web design figma concept redesign black  white interface sidebar properties bubble webflow case study ui design dark ui dark theme editor dashboard
    View Bubble.is - Redesign & Rethinking Concept
    Bubble.is - Redesign & Rethinking Concept
  6. Uzers System WIP 3.2 minimal dashboard ui ux blue colors timeline timely time management time tracking sidebar design system planner figma web app ux design ui design website web design
    View Uzers System WIP 3.2
    Uzers System WIP 3.2
  7. Uzers System WIP 3.1 web design website ui design ux design web app figma planner design system sidebar time tracking management time timely timeline colors blue ux ui dashboard minimal
    View Uzers System WIP 3.1
    Uzers System WIP 3.1
  8. Uzers System WIP 2.1 web app ui ux landing search nomad green travel list figma product design ux design ui design cards schedule booking planner dashboard
    View Uzers System WIP 2.1
    Uzers System WIP 2.1
  9. Uzers System WIP 1.2 cards design system startup data minimal blue graph chat web app management analytics ux ui product design dashboard web design
    View Uzers System WIP 1.2
    Uzers System WIP 1.2
  10. Uzers System WIP 1.1 web design board kanban drag and drop sidebar yellow backlog to-do team management product design trello cards planner ui dashboard
    View Uzers System WIP 1.1
    Uzers System WIP 1.1
  11. Kanbio landing page (.sketch) gradient time tracking free freebie homepage landing page product html ui ux
    View Kanbio landing page (.sketch)
    Kanbio landing page (.sketch)
  12. Kanbio - time tracking app (.sketch) material gradient clean chart statistics tracking time dashboard free freebie ui ux
    View Kanbio - time tracking app (.sketch)
    Kanbio - time tracking app (.sketch)
  13. Gumroad - dark dashboard concept (.sketch) ux ui analytics gumroad chart sketch material list interface freebie free dashboard
    View Gumroad - dark dashboard concept (.sketch)
    Gumroad - dark dashboard concept (.sketch)
  14. Calendar (.sketch) free freebie interface dashboard page ux website blue ui minimal sketch calendar
    View Calendar (.sketch)
    Calendar (.sketch)
  15. Portfolio - landing page (.sketch) homepage sketch minimal white dark website template page landing portfolio freebie free
    View Portfolio - landing page (.sketch)
    Portfolio - landing page (.sketch)
  16. Model dashboard (.sketch) ui tags sketch profile model minimal material interface freebie free dashboard chart
    View Model dashboard (.sketch)
    Model dashboard (.sketch)
  17. Model profile dashboard (.sketch) dashboard sketch free freebie material tags chart profile model interface ui minimal
    View Model profile dashboard (.sketch)
    Model profile dashboard (.sketch)
  18. Edd - landing page (webflow template) ux ui html product page landing homepage freebie free editor webflow code
    View Edd - landing page (webflow template)
    Edd - landing page (webflow template)
  19. Inspiring workspaces - landing page (.sketch) workspace free freebie homepage landing page office gallery sketch webapp ui ux
    View Inspiring workspaces - landing page (.sketch)
    Inspiring workspaces - landing page (.sketch)
  20. Mail client app (.sketch) sketch email mailbox client mail ios android material app mobile freebie free
    View Mail client app (.sketch)
    Mail client app (.sketch)
  21. Nuemba eBooks (.sketch) ux ui sketch product page landing homepage freebie free shop store ebook
    View Nuemba eBooks (.sketch)
    Nuemba eBooks (.sketch)
  22. Edd - Landing Page (.sketch) ux ui sketch homepage product freebie free editor page landing coding code
    View Edd - Landing Page (.sketch)
    Edd - Landing Page (.sketch)
  23. Edd - code editor (.sketch) ux ui code coding developer sketch material editor interface freebie free dashboard
    View Edd - code editor (.sketch)
    Edd - code editor (.sketch)
  24. Timesheet and statistics (.sketch) ux ui statistics graph tasks sketch material list interface freebie free dashboard
    View Timesheet and statistics (.sketch)
    Timesheet and statistics (.sketch)
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