1. GIS mobile app concept ios flowchart wireframe menu dashboard mobile interface map geo gis ui
    GIS mobile app concept
  2. Cartographic storytelling (WIP) : 3 storytelling cartography interface statistics route geo gis map ux ui
    Cartographic storytelling (WIP) : 3
  3. Cartographic storytelling (WIP) : 2 route blog storytelling design interface ux map geo gis ui
    Cartographic storytelling (WIP) : 2
  4. Cartographic storytelling (WIP) : 1 clean simple geo gis catalog blog storytelling maps interface uxui ui
    Cartographic storytelling (WIP) : 1
  5. Surveys : part 2 survey attributes fields forms ios mobile interface ux map gis geo ui
    Surveys : part 2
  6. Surveys : part 1 ui geo gis map ux interface mobile ios forms fields attributes survey
    Surveys : part 1
  7. NextGIS | Data (WIP) part 2 layers checkout geodata design interface ux map geo gis ui
    NextGIS | Data (WIP) part 2
  8. NextGIS | Data (WIP) part 1 geodata data forms design interface ux map geo gis ui
    NextGIS | Data (WIP) part 1
  9. PlainGIS : Website (basic transitions) minimalui uidesign web project animation webdesign website interface ux gis geo ui
    PlainGIS : Website (basic transitions)
  10. Borders of Russia 1462–2018 tzar history runivers nextgis adaptive design borders of russia mobile interface map geo gis ui
    Borders of Russia 1462–2018
  11. PlainGIS : Website (Job request) website job request ux design ui transitions animation about page request forms interface design gis webdesign geo ui
    PlainGIS : Website (Job request)
  12. PlainGIS site : product page web site design interface map tablet app mobile interface design spatial geo gis web design ux design ui
    PlainGIS site : product page
  13. PlainGIS : Layers (System control section) design webdesign interface layers info design statistics line chart pie-chart dashboard geo gis maps system control administration tree lists ui  ux design ux ui ui ux
    PlainGIS : Layers (System control section)
  14. PlainGIS mobile : Basemaps change process 2 menu uidesign interface concept tablet app ipad mobile transitions motion animation basemaps gis geo map ux ui
    PlainGIS mobile : Basemaps change process 2
  15. PlainGIS mobile : Unlock process appdesign plaingis objectcard object info unlock lockscreen ios mobile geo map gis interface design interace ux ui
    PlainGIS mobile : Unlock process
  16. PlainGIS mobile : Lock screen lock screen mapapplication mobileappdesign appdesign unlock password lockscreen ios mobile interface ux geo map gis ui
    PlainGIS mobile : Lock screen
  17. PlainGIS : Search by attributes video process geoinformation systems layers attribute search workflow geolocation lists table design objects animation transitions interface ux geo map gis ui
    PlainGIS : Search by attributes
  18. PlainGIS : Search by attributes table view list view list tables filters attributes ui elements map interface table design search results gis geo ux design uidesign ux ui
    PlainGIS : Search by attributes
  19. PlainGIS : Object Card transitions interface workflow minimalist design clean design simple design plaingis object info object card maps gis geo ux animation transitions ui
    PlainGIS : Object Card transitions
  20. PlainGIS : layers and object card minimal simple plain plaingis clean typography layers menu ux interface map geo gis ui
    PlainGIS : layers and object card
  21. PlainGIS : logo minimalism angled gradient gradient logo geometric identity clean logo simple logo gis geo branding brand and identity logotypedesign logo
    PlainGIS : logo
  22. Basemaps change process maps map transitions mobile mapbox iphonex ios ux animation interface geo gis ui
    Basemaps change process
  23. Map Creating geoobjects creation geo gis data map animation prototype concept mobile ux ui
    Map Creating
  24. Web apps switching atlas web interface gui switch animation geo gis map concept ux ui
    Web apps switching
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