1. Luxury Bali lineal retro vintage rich shadow fleur de lis typography identity rent bali minimal branding logo mark royale luxury luxe
    Luxury Bali
  2. F — Fresh font flat sport videogame video play icon type symbol minimal branding logo mark triangle geometric clean fresh f letter f
    F — Fresh
  3. S+C / C+S Monogram elegant coffee t-shirt mug cup mark logo icon type symbol minimal monoline simple letter combination font monogram c letter s letter c s
    S+C / C+S Monogram
  4. Logofolio radar note flower coffee music player music modern flat gradient monogram vintage favicon identity logofolio negative space symbol minimal branding logo mark
  5. Aumo — Brand Line Logo combination negativespace monogram solid apparel fashion typography type symbol minimal branding logo mark uppercase font typeface
    Aumo — Brand Line Logo
  6. Eye of Safety blind blick moon arc service flat symbol illustration negative space monogram monoline gradient lineal minimal branding logo mark shield eye security
    Eye of Safety
  7. Music School Logo modern song symphony school minimal logofolio negative space symbol icon type mark monogram alphabet m letter m note music branding logo
    Music School Logo
  8. Bird + Orange illustration negative space golden ratio action motion gradient minimal icon branding logo mark lineal animal bird orange
    Bird + Orange
  9. Macromotion — Logo Concept logofolio negative space alphabet production media video objective camera minimal mark lineal geometic branding logo action motion macro letter m m
    Macromotion — Logo Concept
  10. Fragment — Coffee House icon symbol cafe house craft typogaphy roaster restaurant negative space flag circle identity packaging logo badge bean branding cup coffee
    Fragment — Coffee House
  11. Greek / Science / History Logo service lineal monoline branding mark icon minimal illustration logo negative space circle greece column drop history science greek
    Greek / Science / History Logo
  12. Fresh flat font game gaming play service logofolio negative space minimal branding mark clean fresh colorful zeus flash lightning alphabet f letter f
  13. Fresh — Role Play Project / Logo Design stream hosting gaming video game media perspective lineal negative space minimal icon symbol logo type mark gradient playful motion clip video play
    Fresh — Role Play Project / Logo Design
  14. Logo Collection III shield mountain star sport greek music triangle favicon retro vintage branding minimal typography icon symbol type mark logofolio logotype logo
    Logo Collection III
  15. R + H / Monogram negative space information monoline monogram font alphabet gradient h r letters identity favicon branding minimal typography icon symbol logo type mark
    R + H / Monogram
  16. Brain / Golden Ratio #1 logofolio negative space head eye illustration identity branding minimal icon logo mark line monoline monogram iq mind brain
    Brain / Golden Ratio #1
  17. R — Reborn Logo geometic geometry favicon branding minimal icon logo symbol type mark alphabet letter r alphabet r letter r red
    R — Reborn Logo
  18. Mountain Castle // A or B? clean organic green cloud construction security illustration favicon minimal icon logo negative space shield mountain castle mark
    Mountain Castle // A or B?
  19. Open Castle negative space identity favicon minimal icon symbol type mark logotype branding key door palace castle logo open
    Open Castle
  20. VRedux — Logo Concept identity branding logo negative space crosshair game favicon minimal icon symbol type mark penrose triangle trinity v v letter
    VRedux — Logo Concept
  21. kupe-help // Logo favicon icon logo help shelf minimal branding type mark smart wardrobe interior home door coupe
    kupe-help // Logo
  22. Playing Card (Weekly Warm-Up) poker dribbble design illustraion pencil toy game play dribbbleweeklywarmup playing card
    Playing Card (Weekly Warm-Up)
  23. Aumo — Logo illustration minimal mark logo vintage market shop fashion line symbol typography type negative space
    Aumo — Logo
  24. hotderby — logo mark // h + wing + flame bookmaker logofolio branding letter mark logo fire hot flame h cloud stream bet identity h letter favicon typography symbol wing type mark
    hotderby — logo mark // h + wing + flame
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