1. The Golden Record cd golden record musician music vinyl record vinyl record copper luxurious shine shiny gold golden musiversal
    View The Golden Record
    The Golden Record
  2. 🔮 Insights in Spanat okrs hr charts ux ui employee engagement saas key results ours progress engagement spanat analytics insights dashboard
    View 🔮 Insights in Spanat
    🔮 Insights in Spanat
  3. 💬 1:1 Meetings in Spanat meetings hr employee engagement startup ux ui saas todo schedule 1:1s one-on-one meeting spanat agenda
    View 💬 1:1 Meetings in Spanat
    💬 1:1 Meetings in Spanat
  4. 💭 Reflections in Spanat ux ui saas employee engagement platform hr feedback form review spanat questionnaire answers form feedback reviews reflections
    View 💭 Reflections in Spanat
    💭 Reflections in Spanat
  5. 🎯 Goal management in Spanat platform hr spanat employee engagement okrs progress status labels key results objectives ux ui saas startup goal okr
    View 🎯 Goal management in Spanat
    🎯 Goal management in Spanat
  6. ahmdyassr.com — v3 typography personal website portfolio clean minimal
    View ahmdyassr.com — v3
    ahmdyassr.com — v3
  7. Prezly Landing Page simple clean public relations saas homepage landing page landing prezly pr
    View Prezly Landing Page
    Prezly Landing Page
  8. Account Settings merchant account settings dashboard payments
    View Account Settings
    Account Settings
  9. Feedback Modal transaction success payments feedback modal
    View Feedback Modal
    Feedback Modal
  10. Merchant Warrior Dashboard stats statistics admin payments charts analytics dashboard
    View Merchant Warrior Dashboard
    Merchant Warrior Dashboard
  11. Add Budget Modal wedding dashboard onboarding card form budget modal
    View Add Budget Modal
    Add Budget Modal
  12. Long Form input progress steps questionnaire form design form
    View Long Form
    Long Form
  13. Application Overview Dashboard clean insights chart analytics dashboard overview
    View Application Overview Dashboard
    Application Overview Dashboard
  14. Analytics Dashboard stats statistics charts chart dashboard analytics
    View Analytics Dashboard
    Analytics Dashboard
  15. Membership Dashboard navigation sidebar stats graph analytics statistics admin charts dashboard
    View Membership Dashboard
    Membership Dashboard
  16. Analytics Startup Landing Page clean simple app ux ui startup gradient homepage landing
    View Analytics Startup Landing Page
    Analytics Startup Landing Page
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