1. Happy new year 2019 motion charactedesign motiongraphics 3d flatdesign animation motiondesign agrofabrice
    View Happy new year 2019
    Happy new year 2019
  2. Factory 3d flatdesign motiondesign animation illustration agrofabrice
    View Factory
  3. The City motion flatdesign animation motiondesign agrofabrice
    View The City
    The City
  4. Walk animation illustration flatdesign motiondesign agrofabrice
    View Walk
  5. Break 3d illustration motiondesign agrofabrice
    View Break
  6. Objets 3d objects illustration motiondesign animation agrofabrice
    View Objets
  7. The Big Data illustration bigdata agrofabrice flatdesign data animation motiondesign
    View The Big Data
    The Big Data
  8. Medical consultation agrofabrice flatdesign medical animation motiondesign
    View Medical consultation
    Medical consultation
  9. Cow contemplation cow agrofabrice flatdesign animation motiondesign
    View Cow contemplation
    Cow contemplation
  10. I Run motiondesign animation weather flatdesign agrofabrice running
    View I Run
    I Run
  11. Depth earth illustration agrofabrice depth
    View Depth
  12. The sea illustration agrofabrice motiondesign baleen sea
    View The sea
    The sea
  13. Show Hello 4 - Orange agrofabrice flatdesign motiondesign
    View Show Hello 4 - Orange
    Show Hello 4 - Orange
  14. Never 2 without 3 number motion illustration design animation agrofabrice
    View Never 2 without 3
    Never 2 without 3
  15. Coffe coffe animation illustration motion design cup agrofabrice motiondesign
    View Coffe
  16. Tennis motiondesign illustration tennis flatdesign power puissance agrofabrice
    View Tennis
  17. The earth at night theearthatnight flatdesign illustration animation earth artdirection motiongraphics motiondesign agrofabrice
    View The earth at night
    The earth at night
  18. Cherry on the cake cake gateau illustration animation cherry agrofabrice
    View Cherry on the cake
    Cherry on the cake
  19. Passion and Creativity agrofabrice 2d animation motiondesign flatdesign illustration
    View Passion and Creativity
    Passion and Creativity
  20. Cri alphabet animation illustration mouth stroke agrofabrice motiondesign red design
    View Cri
  21. Giorgio Armani - You - Behind the scenes agrofabrice giorgioarmani motiondesign luxury perfume luxe si
    View Giorgio Armani - You - Behind the scenes
    Giorgio Armani - You - Behind the scenes
  22. Giorgio Armani - Si -  Behind the scenes agrofabrice si luxe perfume luxury motiondesign giorgioarmani
    View Giorgio Armani - Si - Behind the scenes
    Giorgio Armani - Si - Behind the scenes
  23. Interview interview illustration animation agrofabrice design motiondesign
    View Interview
  24. Basket polygon lowpoly animation illustration 3d
    View Basket
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