Advertising Case Study: Ugmonk

How Ugmonk used Dribbble to drive awareness & grow their brand.

Ugmonk creates simple, beautiful objects combining form & function. Here’s how they used Dribbble to boost their brand engagement and awareness.

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At Ugmonk, we’ve long been believers in the power of community, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for brand exposure on Dribbble. As the heart of the design community, Dribbble serves millions of creatives every single month—it’s the perfect place for us to reach people who have never heard of Ugmonk, but resonate with our ethos.

There are a ton of incredible designers and makers on Dribbble that share sensibilities with Ugmonk. It only made sense for us to use Dribbble’s spotlight to really elevate our products and brand.

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Driving awareness authentically & organically

We started off by promoting some of our most popular products through Boosted Shots and saw immediate engagement. Dribbble was able to drive thousands of clicks to our ads, surpassing the click-through rates we saw on other marketing platforms.

Plus, when we wanted to showcase new inventory through Boosted Shots, team Dribbble was always quick to respond and helped accommodate our needs.

Getting in front of the global design community

We’re very conscious about how we market our products and our brand, so it’s important to us that we only partner with brands that share those same values. Dribbble is an equally design-centric brand that puts their customers first. We knew that partnering with them would mean putting our brand in front of the right audience.

“We knew that partnering with Dribbble would mean putting our brand in front of the right audience.”

Dribbble also has a highly engaged user-base. They’ve played a key role in helping us lay the groundwork for a community that we can continue to foster, and will sustain Ugmonk’s future growth.

From start to finish, the team at Dribbble worked alongside us to help ensure that we were highlighting our brand in a way that felt true to our roots and clearly told our story. They helped us communicate what makes Ugmonk and our products truly unique, and worked with us to tailor that message so it resonated with their community in a way that was most impactful.

The Impact

Dribbble ultimately helped us connect with a global customer base that shares the same love for our products (regardless of geographic location). Thanks to Dribbble, we’ve been able to reach like-minded customers that love our products and brand, all around the world.

  • 2.5M


  • 6.5K

    Ad clicks

  • .26%

    Average CTR

Other customer stories

“Dribbble is the gateway to creative professionals around the world. In the first month we had over 14 thousand unique visitors driven from Dribbble.”

— Luke De Cotes, VP Partnerships, MetaLab

  • 10M


  • 45K

    Ad clicks

  • .44%

    Average CTR

“Connecting with Dribbble and their audience really helps us find our audience much better because they are so targeted towards that design centric approach and people who really care about design.”

— Andrew Verboncouer, CEO, Headway

  • 2.5M


  • 5.7K

    Ad clicks

  • .23%

    Average CTR

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