1. Design book recommendations principles learning theory reading minimal books design
    Design book recommendations
  2. Work in progress is always helpful running web personal process sketches work wip notebook
    Work in progress is always helpful
  3. New personal blog minimalistic simple elegant hover list interaction inspiration dark portfolio website archive blog
    New personal blog
  4. It me! Wallpaper render questionmark nintendo model lowpoly coin c4d block 3d
    It me! Wallpaper
  5. Back to the childhood wallpaper render model xylophone c4d 3d
    Back to the childhood
  6. Back to the childhood 3d c4d xylophone model render wallpaper
    Back to the childhood
  7. Yammer Desktop Application teams teamwork clean ui web desktop microsoft yammer
    Yammer Desktop Application
  8. Xylophone 3D wallpaper render model xylophone c4d 3d
    Xylophone 3D
  9. Pixelart anyone? render pixelart nintendo mushroom model lowpoly c4d 3d
    Pixelart anyone?
  10. Mushroom anyone? render nintendo mushroom model lowpoly c4d 3d
    Mushroom anyone?
  11. More 3D Practice :) lowpoly model nintendo mushroom render c4d 3d
    More 3D Practice :)
  12. Pokemon Mobile Wallpaper anyone? c4d render model 3d wallpaper freebie pokemon pokeball
    Pokemon Mobile Wallpaper anyone?
  13. Moe's low poly model render lowpoly c4d cinema 4d simpsons bar
  14. Low poly house (I guess) model c4d cinema 4d render illustration simple clean design lowpoly 3d unity
    Low poly house (I guess)
  15. Redesigning Mira identity elegant web android tool clean brand design sketchapp sketch mirapp mira
    Redesigning Mira identity
  16. Yammer Hackday 2015 t-shirt film back to future forfun hackday logo illustration clothes t-shirt yammer
    Yammer Hackday 2015 t-shirt
  17. Mira: Desktop application icon dark elegant clean sketch desktopp mac ios android tool
    Mira: Desktop application
  18. Mira mirror web android ios clean landing tool sketch
  19. Fever app feverup fever android mobile ios events interaction simple clean feed plans ui
    Fever app
  20. Ironhack, course info page landing elegant simple flat startup progress course clean button web ui education
    Ironhack, course info page
  21. Home lock screen lock domotic house mobile design ui automation clean elegant translucent
    Home lock screen
  22. IronHack Landing Page landing page web ui newsletter flat mail button simple clean elegant startup teaser
    IronHack Landing Page
  23. Thatmarketplace: teaser page teaser landing web design ui subscribe ecommerce button creative mail
    Thatmarketplace: teaser page
  24. Loading colored animation ui interactive design web progress loading gif
    Loading colored
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