New Home

November 23, 2018

The folks at asked me to take a look at their homepage. Their existing homepage (seen in the attachments) is text heavy and simply reflects that it was listing the data they were adding in their incremental updates. Site founde...

Match Summary

November 18, 2018

Now that has added player photos, playing with some other ideas for a match summary.

Match Report

October 30, 2018

My friends at Sports-Reference recently launched their world football site, They recently acquired data for match reports, so they sent me over the data dump wondering if I had any recommendations for displaying the data. Obvi...

You Betts Believe

May 03, 2018

A little bit of mobile-first email newsletter design tonight.

Mobile Leaders

April 04, 2016

My friends at Hockey Reference asked me how I might condense a page with a grid of about a billion hyperlinks into a mobile UI. Here's an approach I worked up last night. Basically, I figured someone hitting this page might be intereste...

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More of my friend Dustin

September 24, 2015

Many revisions to this player page so far. It's finally starting to feel less busy—while still providing good suggestions for where to find the ridiculous amounts of data available. Check out the attachment for full pixels.

Sports Reference Mobile Navigation

September 09, 2015

Making revisions to the Baseball-Reference mobile navigation based on a round of user tests. This one is already testing much better. Attachment has full pixels (and the full player summary, which is cropped in the shot).

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Shortened Header

June 17, 2015

There's so much info that the header ends up getting really tall. Trying to trim down the height some while including all the important stuff. Also trying to introduce a player summary that brings the most important stats to the very top...

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