1. Account Value Banner app finance fintech graph invest performance product
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    Account Value Banner
  2. The New Acorns Learn acorn article bag brand design coffee design family hill illustration illustrator learn nature
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    The New Acorns Learn
  3. Animated Nav Icons app nav product design ui
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    Animated Nav Icons
  4. Introducing Acorns 4.0 app chart graph navigation product design ui
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    Introducing Acorns 4.0
  5. Acorns ESG Portfolios environment esg etf finance fintech illustration interaction invest investing portfolios product simple sustainable tour ui
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    Acorns ESG Portfolios
  6. Referrals Redesign fintech invite friends product design referral ui
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    Referrals Redesign
  7. Acorns Logo Update acorn acorns black brand branding design green logo logo mark nature rebrand trees word mark
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    Acorns Logo Update
  8. We're hiring! acorns designers hiring product design
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    We're hiring!
  9. We're hiring! design hiring product product design ui ux
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    We're hiring!
  10. Acorns Ambassadors acorns brand brand design brand designer brand identity illustration
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    Acorns Ambassadors
  11. Our Brand Treehouse design illustration paint phone plant treehouse watering can
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    Our Brand Treehouse
  12. Acorns Career Day brand design design illustration
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    Acorns Career Day
  13. Featured Jobs acorns career financial invest jobs
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    Featured Jobs
  14. Account Completion Illustrations brand design finance illustration investments money savings
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    Account Completion Illustrations
  15. Acorns x Dwayne Johnson acorns branding illustration
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    Acorns x Dwayne Johnson
  16. iOS 14 Widgets - Performance acorns apple dataviz graph investing ios ios14 widgets
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    iOS 14 Widgets - Performance
  17. Potential Graph data visualization dataviz graph product design ui ux
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    Potential Graph
  18. Acorns Spend - ATM Locator acorns animation app atm banking design finance fintech interaction maps money product ui ux
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    Acorns Spend - ATM Locator
  19. Grow Your Oak Children's Book childrens art childrens book childrens book illustration design illustration kids
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    Grow Your Oak Children's Book
  20. Acorns Early™ Illustrations PT. 2 acorns brand design illustration
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    Acorns Early™ Illustrations PT. 2
  21. Introducing Acorns Early acorns animation app app design children custodial finance fintech invest mobile money product product design ui
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    Introducing Acorns Early
  22. Acorns Early Illustrations acorns brand design family family portrait finance grow your oak illustration invest savings
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    Acorns Early Illustrations
  23. The All-New Performance Graph acorns animation app design finance fintech graph interaction investing ios mobile money product ui ux
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    The All-New Performance Graph
  24. Acorns - Icons 4.0 acorns app brand finance fintech glyph iconography icons illustration investing
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    Acorns - Icons 4.0
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