1. Wireframe for Taskmanager app. ai ml tinder like uiux ux
    View Wireframe for Taskmanager app.
    Wireframe for Taskmanager app.
  2. Task manager ML 3d figma ml ux
    View Task manager ML
    Task manager ML
  3. Lense
    View Lense
  4. Book an appoinment. adobe xd ui uiux
    View Book an appoinment.
    Book an appoinment.
  5. Auction website home screen adobe xd design figma illustration ui uiux
    View Auction website home screen
    Auction website home screen
  6. Dashboard Screen UI/UX adobe xd dashboard design flipkart illustration ui uiux ux
    View Dashboard Screen UI/UX
    Dashboard Screen UI/UX
  7. Extend The Boundaries adobe xd design figma ui uiux
    View Extend The Boundaries
    Extend The Boundaries
  8. Shop the recipe adobe xd cooking design recipe shopping list tesco ui uiux ux
    View Shop the recipe
    Shop the recipe
  9. Flipkart Vendor Hub Redesign adobe xd dashboard design flipkart re design seller dashboard ui uiux ux
    View Flipkart Vendor Hub Redesign
    Flipkart Vendor Hub Redesign
  10. Flipkart Seller Dashboard adobe xd dashboard flipkart re design ui uiux ux
    View Flipkart Seller Dashboard
    Flipkart Seller Dashboard
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